The Gypsy Vanner Horses of Randy and Peaches Clark

In addition to their love of hot rods, the Clarks love horses. It all boils down to a simple love of horsepower.

Though they have owned several horses over the years, but recently they acquired three Gypsy Vanner foals from a breeder in El Dorado, Arkansas known as Freelands Gypsy Horses.

The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a colorful, compact, type of draft horse that was bred by gypsy's to pull their vans (wagons). Bred by the gypsy clans of England and Ireland for over a hundred years, they are an especially good tempered and docile horse that even children can handle.

In June, 2008, Randy and Peaches traveled to El Dorado to see their new horses at the breeders farm. Until they are weened from their mothers they will remain in Arkansas.

The Foals are "Hott Rodd Horsey", "Lady Luck With Diamonds", and "Flaming Starr".

Hott Rodd Horsey - Gypsy Vanner

"Hott Rodd Horsey"

Sire: "Casanova" Dam: "Karma"

"Casanova" is an incredibly well bred stallion. His dam is the awesome mare "Cassie" and his sire is the renowned stallion "Legend Boy" from "The Old Black Horse".

Lady Luck With Diamonds - Gypsy Vanner

"Lady Luck With Diamonds"

Sire: "Prince Charming" Dam: "Joanie"

"Prince Charming" is bred from the renowned "Rose Line" of mares, which are some of the best blooded mares through out England and Ireland. Prince's dam, Rose, has produced some of the most incredible horses, including the phenomenal mare Panda Rose, to whom Prince Charming is a full brother. These bloodlines are from generations of highly selective breeding, and they breed true and fabulous.

Flaming Starr - Gypsy Vanner

"Flaming Starr"

Sire: "Prince Charming" Dam: "Pollyanne"

"Joanie" and "Lady Luck With Diamonds" - Gypsy Vanners

"Joanie" and "Lady Luck With Diamonds".

"Karma" and "Hott Rodd Horsey" - Gypsy Vanners.

"Karma" and "Hott Rodd Horsey".

"Pollyanne" and "Flaming Starr" - Gypsy Vanners.

"Pollyanne" and "Flaming Starr".

Gypsy Vanner Horses, June 2008.

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