1950 Dodge Woodie Commercial Station Wagon.

1950 Dodge Woodie Commercial Station Wagon

Owned by Brad and Kelly Anderson of Temecula, this Dodge Woodie was brought to us in 1997/98 for restoration work. This was not a full frame-off resto, but the vehicle needed a fair amount of work. We caught up with it again at the 2007 WaveCrest Woodie show in Encinitas, where it stood out for all to see.

1950 Dodge Woodie, front view.

Built on a Dodge B-2 series ½-ton truck chassis, it sports an original inline six-cylinder, rated at 96 horsepower. It seats eight people, and is painted its original Dodge Green color. Called the Campbell Highlander Station Wagon, it is one of three know to still exist. The body was built by Campbell Mid-State Body Co.

Like all "station wagons" it was designed for transporting guests from railway stations to hotels, resorts, camps, etc. To keep passengers from exiting into traffic, there are only three doors. This particular wagon was originally a school bus for an all-girls boarding school in Utah.

1950 Dodge Woodie, rear view.

Being a school bus, it was required to have turn signals, a unique feature back then. The tailgate, when lowered, was designed to carry the passengers trunks and baggage; and when lowered, the tail light swings out so it will be visible when driving with the gate down.

The light colored wood is Ash (100% original), the darker panels are Mahogany and have been replaced. The interior is all original.

1950 Dodge Woodie, hood up.

The vehicle has 57,000 original miles!

It's the last woodie owned by legendary longboard Surfer and Surfboard manufacturer Dewey Weber, who drove it daily up until his death.

Randy Clark & Brad Anderson

Randy Clark & Brad Anderson pose in front of the Woodie at our shop back in '98.

1950 Dodge Woodie, front. 1950 Dodge Woodie, rear. 1950 Dodge Woodie, hood sides up.

A few of the pictures taken after the restoration.

Wavecrest Woodie Show, sept. 2007

Dodge Woodies lined up at the WaveCrest Woodie show in Encinitas, California, 2007.

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