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As the lead Sponsor for the night Randy had the honor of handing out the Cruisin' Grand awards.

1956 Ford F-100. Evan Chang

Evan Chang of Vista, picks up an award for his 1956 Ford F-100.

Rick Heckman Studebaker Starliner

Rick Heckman of San Diego wins one with his Studebaker Starliner. Rick is a member of the West Coast Customs car club.

1940 Ford Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt of Escondido, takes home a trophy for his 1940 Ford. He hangs out with the Axle Dragger car club.

Jerry Tormey 1940 Ford coupe

Jerry Tormey of San Marcos drove off with prize for this 1940 Ford coupe. Jerry cruises with the County Cruisers car club.

1929 Ford Frank Thacker

Frank Thacker took his award home to San Marcos in this Flathead powered 1929 Ford. He's a member of County Cruisers car club.

John Koule 1950 Merc

John Koule from Valley Center gets kudos for his cherry 1950 Merc. He runs with the Good Guys car club.

1932 Ford Roadster Chick Koszis

Chick Koszis of Valley Center takes props for this hard driving 1932 Ford Roadster. He hits the road with the Axle Draggers car club.

Bruce Johnson 1932 Ford Coupe

Bruce Johnson from Carlsbad picked up an award for this sweet little 1932 Ford Coupe.

Packard dual cowl Phaeton Dana Graham

Dana Graham, Packard dual cowl Phaeton, Packards Int'l, car club

Dave Grice 1928 Model 526 Packard Sedan

Dave Grice, 1928 Model 526 Packard Sedan, Packards Int'l, car club
1934 Packard Super 8 Club Sedan Phil Tarr

Phil Tarr exquisite 1934 Packard Super 8 Club Sedan earned him an award. Phil belongs to Packards International car club.

Richard Shower 1934 Model 1100 Packard

Richard Shower drove off with an award in his 1934 Model 1100 Packard. He, too, is a member of Packards International.

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