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Customer Testimonials

Sometimes the e-mails we get have nothing to do with us. Check out this rolling tribute to our troops that one mother created in memory to her fallen son. Click here to see it.


I have been looking over your Web Site for many years now and was really surprised to see the Mad Max Falcon being built. It sure was funny to read about Americans coming here to bring cars back to the States. It's usually us doing the opposite. Being a Hot Rod Enthusiast in Australia for 20 something years, I have seen a few really well done Mad Max Falcons. I look forward to seeing the end result of your project. Also just wanted to say you guys & girls are doing excellent work and I really appreciate the effort that goes into the web site to allow all of us to view your fine work from start to finish. Well Done!

Regards, Neville
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Hey guys and gals,

I know you get a lot of e-mails but wanted to write a thank you from me for having the photos and video from the building and running of the 68 "Aloha Bobby & Rose" Camaro posted on your site. Back in 1974 I was 16 and my older brother and I went partners on a 68 Camaro. We rebuilt the engine and a few other things and I was never more proud of it than when leaving the Melintz drive-in after watching Aloha Bobby & Rose. Like young kids who cannot see the value of what they have now, we sold it in late 76.

Maybe someday I will have the funds to have one built like Randy's but in the mean time I can visit your site and dream while "Benny and the Jets" plays in my mind.

Best regards, JK.

Hi Jk,

Thanks for the compliments. We’re glad to bring back some great memories for you. I think we can all look back to some old car we had 20 or 30 years ago, or more, and now wish we had kept. Mine was a 76 El Camino. Anyway, keep visiting the website. I update it as often as possible... Thanks.

Hi folks,,, I have been enjoying your web site for about two years now and decided I should write you a note and let you know it, the site is full of great info and is the best I have found " by far ". The detail in which you show the construction of your projects will help me to no end when I start to make a hot rod pick up out of my 55 Chevy short bed step side(2nd series, I think I need to be clear on that). Again, the details you show on how to modify, repair etc. hot rods will be instrumental in my efforts, it's almost like you are exposing secrets, or tricks of the trade that other sites don't or can't share with us beginners. Thank you all very much. ~ Gratefully, Dennis V.

"Just wanted to say your web is out of sight! I mean it's awsome! Your project section gave me new inspiration for my '70 nova, which is my first car, that I've owned for 14 years now. It is in sad shape, but I think it's possible now. Just wanted to say thanks, for the info! I may have questions later, and it's nice to know you guys are willing to help." ~ Melissa.

God bless you and Tim’s wife on the Willy’s.That is without a doubt the best story and detailed overview I have ever seen. Tim’s memory is imbedded in that car. Wow. Great way to start the day reading the story. Have a great day... ~ Joe.

"Your Web Site Rocks! Just like your automobiles.. Fantastic! Thank you." ~ Steve Warne.

"I enjoyed your web page for Mr. Blackmore’s 1956 Nomad restoration. In the article, they mentioned the Corvette Nomad prototype or concept. Attached is a photo of one of those 1954 Corvette Nomad concept cars [click here to view photo]. It was in attendance for Classic Chevy International’s Winter National event held in Kissimmee, FL. back in 2005. The owner has modernized the car with late model Corvette engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and wheels. He said he could not readily find original parts. Although it was trailered to the event, it is very drivable. He also went on to say that GM produced 5 of these cars for the auto show circuit and that only 3 are known to exist. What a rare find." ~ Dave Roberts, Orlando, FL.

HI Dave, Thanks for sending that picture. That is one very cool looking car. Do we have permission to put it on our website? I’d like to place a link to the full resolution image from the text on the car. I’ll be sure to give you credit. I’d also like to post your e-mail as well. Thanks. ~ Dan, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

"Sure you can post the photo. Not that many folks have the opportunity to see such a car. Until I saw this car at the event, I didn’t know it even existed. Use the photo as you need. It is definitely worth sharing with other car folks. I was a member of Classic Camaros of Central Fla. (CCCF) Car club and Classic Chevy International (CCI). Each year in Feb-March, CCI and Worldwide Camaro hold a Winter National event at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL. I always volunteer to help run the event. During the annual Winter National events, I always take lots of pictures. If opportunity presents itself, I highly recommend you come by and attend the event.

"I have a 1972 Chevy C-10 pick up truck and a 1965 4 door Impala. Both are rusty rolling restorations that are in dire need of makeovers. They both look like some of those 'before' photos of your projects. Instead of giving me credit for the photo, maybe you could just send me the parts you guys throw in the dumpster. Just kidding. I just have to admire the top shelf restorations that come out of your shop.

"You can post my email, but compared to you folks, I’m just small potatoes. I’m just a self taught car feller and I have done a considerable amount of restoration work on my own and friend’s cars and trucks. But I am just a novice or amateur. Don’t know if I would be worthy of the honor of my email address to be placed on your distinguished web site. I’m just glad you can share the photo with other folks. Keep up the good work. Your web site is great." ~ Dave Roberts, Orlando, FL.

Thanks for the permission. We like getting e-mails like yours. Enthusiasts, regardless of means, are what keep this shop open. We like working with “workin’ guys who are on a budget as much, if not more, as for the guys who can write the big checks. Thanks again for the photo and the kind words. ~ Dan, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

"As A first timer I was impressed, very informative, a must for everyone to browse. I totally fell in love with John Metzlers 57 Dodge power Wagon, If I'm ever in Hawaii, I'm gonna look him up and con a ride. I also fell for the Blackmore Nomad restore and the 56 Chevy. Of course I couldn't miss the job you guys did on the Camero's. Awesome work Guys and Gals. I was considering the purchase of a 65 Chevelle Super Sport but sort of got twisted around a little. I just picked up a 2007 Toyota F J Cruiser. I will probably be looking you guys up some day. Think you can did it out to look like the Power Wagon? Thanks for the time." ~ Phil.

Apologia of hot rodders:

"Art, by definition, is the human effort to alter, supplement or counteract the appearance of some common thing, thereby creating the unique. How interesting that Mr. D. compared the Mona Lisa to a mass production stock motor vehicle. He suggests that the Mona Lisa is not unique and that the application of creativity to a 1939 Ford convertible is an act equal to defacing a singularly unique artistic accomplishment. If there is art in the contemporary world of mass production, it can be found in the creations of those few with vision who manage to see beyond the cookie cutter mass produced vehicles to something with an extended line or curve here, lowered frame, a different set of lights, wheels, color not available in the original. Subtle and not so subtle changes that manifest in the truly beautiful and sometimes grotesque are made not by the overly cautious suit and tie members of our society, who like Mr. D., see all they like in museums dedicated to preservation of the past, but by the artists, renegades and, yes, hot rodders." ~ Nancy A.

Thanks, Nancy, for your thoughtful and considered response to Paul from Arizona. We probably should have considered such a reply ourselves, but we were so incensed by his attack on us, and one of our fine customers, that we sort of forgot ourselves and got into the pig-pen with him. But it felt good to vent and we knew there were hot-rodders like yourself out there that defied his stereotype of this great hobby. I'm sure he'll be suprised to learn that we even know what the Mona Lisa is.

(See two posts down to read Paul's e-mail to us).

"Randy, you folks have a great web site. Lots of fun and informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge." ~ Sincerely, Don Kent, see you around.

Thanks, Don. We'll keep an eye out for you.

Not everyone has something kind to say....

"I happened upon your web site by chance, and sadly saw the photos of the beautiful 1939 Ford convertible which was made into a street rod. It is a sad thing that rodders choose a nice car, then butcher it in the name of street rodding. The mentality of people who would do this sort of thing is parallel to some moron painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa, and giggling about it for days after. Once a car has been butchered it is no longer a piece of history, it is an abortion with no roots, no character, nothing. Sadder yet is that after butchering one car, the owner gets rid of the car in search of another project… the destruction of another fine automobile, and the cycle repeats itself. Sad also is that the majority of street rodders are people who have no class, have lived in one area all of their lives, and know nothing about the art of living, needing to wear their club jackets on all occasions, and socialize with those of their own mentality. At 66 years of age I have seen many nice cars cut up in the name of making them safer, more modern. Fine build something with a repro body, a cookie-cutter car. At least this way the rodder can have the look he or she wants, at no cost to the world of fine cars that is rapidly disappearing." ~ Paul D. Chandler, Arizona.

WTF! We may be a bunch of inbred, buck-toothed, leather-jacket-wearing morons that bump into each other at every turn… but to say we have no class is taking things a bit too far! So what if we think Mona Lisa would look better with a boob-job and thong? Hot Rodders have saved more vintage cars from the scrap-heap than all the whining, sun-dried, purists in the world. As for making the cars safer and more modern, it could be we like to be able to stop when we apply the brakes and don't want to see junior launched like a missile from the rumble-seat because we were too damn pure to install seat-belts. And some of us actually like to get on the freeway with enough speed to avoid becoming grill art for a Peterbilt.

If you don't like street-rodders defiling your inviolate sense of history, might we suggest that you and your fellow purists shake out the plastic-covered cushions of your sofas and see if you can scrounge up enough pocket-change to start restoring them the way you want. Here at HRCS the customer is always right as long as they are paying and they don't ask us to do something that is unsafe or uncool. So, instead of standing out outside in the Arizona sun waiting for your brain to melt down, go find yourself a nice air-conditioned Hooters, chill out with a cold beer, and try to imagine what Mona would look like in a leather jacket and tight jeans (there's probably a reason DaVinci painted her with a smirk on her face you moron).

Last we looked, this was still America -- land of the free. Customizing cars is an American tradition as old as Henry Ford himself.

"Hi, Thanks for taking the time to take all those pictures of the Pegg's 39 Ford and post them to the web. That was an incredible job that you all did. Thanks." ~ Brian.

"I just wanted to say, "great web site." I'm tryin to build my own hot rod (those pesky kids!), and I absolutely am the 'Bad american'. Long live common sense." ~ JIM T.

"I was looking at your web sit I will have to tell you, for an old Marine such as myself if does my heart good. After that last tour to Iraq I have decided to hang it up after what will be 27 years. It is good to see folks like you still doing good things with the cars I grew up with. My first car was a 67 RS camaro I purchased from my Uncle, when time permits I will get another one. keep up the good work! Keep On keepin on. Semper Fi!" ~ Clay B.

Semper Fi back at you Clay. Thanks for your service to the country and for helping keep us all safe!

"As we say here Down Under,your site is sh-t hot, I came across it one night by accident and come back often. I have restored a 1955 FJ Holden from the ground up in my backyard and understand just how much work goes into a project like that and for you guys to do all that work for someone else proves just how much you love cars. Okay so you get payed for it but looking at your site it is obvious to me that all the guys there put their heart and soul into everything they do. If anyone is interested in what an"FJ Holden "looks like why not visit this is the club I belong to, here you can also check out the "FX Holden" which was first in a long line of Holdens. If it weren't for people like us there would be no worth while cars on the road,keep up the great work". - Derk, Gippsland, Australia.

"Hello! I like your webpage. I greeting all American Hotrodders from Europe! Keep it cruising!" - Best Regards, Sandor Forgo. "A European who does not drive european junk cars"

"Congratulations!!! You guys have the most facinating web-site I've ever seen. It's so great to see pictures of the actual work it takes to complete those beautiful cars. My hat's off to all the great talent you have. Keep up the great work." - Bondobob.

"Hi, amazing site. I only wish I found it earlier." - Natalie, Hellegant-Customs.

"Hi, i'm a big fan of your site, I've spent hours reading through your "current projects" restoration pages to see how you guys work your magic." - Dan.

"Hi Mike... I liked the web site of the company you work for for! I printed out the pictures from Showroom #1. They are really nice. I'll show my neighbor who builds Hot Rods in his shop here in Fresno. You do good work and I'm proud to show it to others." - JOEBUCK JR.

"I love your website, I just keep coming back to look at it. Your cars and your shop are awesome. Can I come live there?" - Arnold.

Well Arnold, if you can weld, we might be able to work something out for three hots and a cot in the back. Send a resume.

"This got to be the best rod page on da web! Keep up the good work." - Regards, Åke, Stockholm, Sweden

"Hello, Very nice address (2324 Vineyard)!!!! I'm a French wine producer from Provence and street rodder too. Your fabulous site makes me dream and I would like to meet U.S. rodders producing wine or in the business. I just wanted to tell to Eric from France (visitor comments), "it's not a pity", we cruise with my friends of French Street Rod Association (even hi-boy) throughout Europe. Street Rodding is worldwide !!!!! Hope to visit you soon." - Best regards, Pierre Cartier, Domaine de Beaujeu.

"Hello, your site is fine and your realisation are perfect. You give a little bit of Californian Sun around the world... I found the beautiful red Camaro... and get it as background of my Mac!" - Best regards, Vincent, France.

"Our friend just sent us your web site that had all the "award winning" cars on it and we saw our green Mini Cooper!!! Unfortunately, we (all foreign car owners) have been kind of "UNinvited" to Cruisin' Grand 2003 -- their new posters specifically say "American-made" cars! But, this was wayyyy cool to see that you thought highly enough of our little car! Thanx again (that made our day!)" - Lee & Sue Casad.

We like all classics. Besides, where would we be without the Shelby Cobra which was a British body with American muscle under the hood. And, some of the greatest movie chase sequences ever filmed featured those quick and nimble little Coopers leaving cops and bad guys behind in the dust. We look forward to seeing you at the next Cruisin' Grand.

"Guys, had had to sit back in my chair for a couple of minutes to recover from all this beauty....
Didn't sleep well either of the following days. Kept on dreaming of the orange '56 Chevy! (still keep on dreaming).
"You guys really make nice work. Real craftmanship. Love the details, custom work and high-tech materials.
"Me, [I'm a] 26 y.o., oldtimer fanatic, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Slowly, bit by bit, I am working on a collection of oldtimers which I'm trying to save from the junkyard. The collection exitis of a '71, '76 and a '78 Alfa Romeo, a '72 and '77 BMW and 4 customized beetles.
"Now into Ami's. First one is a '72 Dodge Tradesman B200 which had an engine and tranny swap. Next step will be the interior. I'm getting a lot of input and idea's by looking at your site.
"Next projects are already waiting; a '72 Dodge D200 which is a rarity over here in Holland and I don't think it's that common in the US either, and a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country Wagon.
"So enough time to spend... My garage is getting more and more professional. Right now I'm building an English wheel so i can make my own custom body parts.
"Anyway, big thumbs up and hope I can surprise you, and even more myself, with a visit when I'll be in Cali within two months. Just my $ 0.02 Keep them rollin' Grtz,." - Dennis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

"Hello, I'm a French fan of all the cars you build. It is a pity that we can not have such a car by us in France, your work is incredible and beautiful. I wish you a happy Christmas and good new year! Bye." - Eric.

"Subject: Rumblin' Rag - This is the most beautiful street rod I've ever seen. What a magnificient job. Have a great day." - Butch

"You were right. I did need to see that car. Quite possibly the slickest pantera I have seen. The removal of the chrome and door handles smoothed out the detail and brought the attention back to the fenders. No wing or flares keeps this interpretation respectful to the design of the car. I also like the pipes. Granted the dual twins of the original are hard to beat and you will probably receive heat from the purists, but I liked your version. Nice change, well executed. Now I don't have to build one to see how it should look. Thanks. I have built two '32 fords, a '51 chevy, and a bike or two. I am also an industrial designer that develops toys and a variety of other things. So, I know what kind of work you have involved. Keep it up." - Mr. Vinson.

"I am congratulating you on a very good website. It is by far one of the best hot rod websites I have seen on the Internet. All links work and It is very easy to understand. There is also a lot of great pictures and stuff. This is a great site for someone like myself who is a long way away (El Paso, TX) Who is looking for a good Hot Rod Shop to customize my 1962 Chevy II Wagon... Great job again on website." - LTNANEZ@

"Just wanted to tell you---fab website and what a great place you have." - Chad, Montrose, CO.

"Randy... I had my Harley tank painted by Pete and picked it up Thursday. Pete's paint job is super and has gotten 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' everywhere it goes. Thanks again." - Lynn H.

"I love your webpages and your sense of humor.... I'm gonna e-mail my mates, Cheers for a great site." - Ian T., Lancashire, UK.

"Thanks for the great pics on what it takes to build a winner!" - Mike R.

"We love your web site, and we would like to post a link with you guys. Keep up the great work!! Thanks & All the Best!" - Lisa , Hot Rod Auctions.

"Today our nation mourns over this great tragedy of 9/11. I am at a loss as to explain how deep the wound is, although personally not harmed, I ache with every part of me. My heart goes out to all, but mostly to people with family and friends that were taken from them on this horrid day. My words are heart felt, but somehow meaning less to though who would plan and execute such a dastardly deed. The question of why, plagues me. With the mass communication of today the world is connected in so many ways, was there really a need to kill so many innocent people to get attention? Perhaps we'll never know the real answer to this. I know I will never truely feel safe in a large gathering of people again. I felt that I needed to pass on my sympathy and thoughts. No need to reply, I just wanted to let others know my feelings on the subject. Thank you." - David Hilton, member/webmaster
Amen, David.

"Love your site!" - Katti, SpareChange Magazine.

"I really enjoyed the site and the chronicalling photos of the M-80. Keep up the good work." - Wes.

"Just wanted to say I really enjoyed cruising your web site. I love cars and am starting my own web
development company. I hope to bring the two together. Have a great day and thanks for the cool site. It inspires me to go out and work on my project." - Pete.

"Hot Rods & Custom Stuff." This big shop located in Escondido does everything in house. Great people, especially the owner, Randy and his wife Peaches. You can see what they do on their website.... This shop is a local Rod Shop in Escondido, and the good thing is that the place is full of human warmth. The people are friendly, warm hearted (you can tell), and the work they do is superb. I was getting tired of ultra clean, not-so-friendly shops (with a look you in the eye and a "How much money do you have?" kind of attitude), that make great cars. This shop is not that kind, but creates GREAT CARS. If you have a chance to go there, I recommend you stop by. - Kenn Sakurai, Japan.

"The net was getting pretty boring when, quite by accident, I came across your website. It ROCKS! The pictures of past and current projects, the details you have injected into every facet of your work, the humor...I could go on and on. As a long-time resident of Encinitas (25 years) I had, on occasion, driven past your shop, never dreaming what miracles you were performing behind those walls. Now, thanks to a great site, I can keep up to speed (no pun intended) on what's happening on the Escondido scene. I have been eyeing my old blue '72 Chev pickup differently of late. If not for the several hundred miles that seperate us, I'm sure that I would be one of your customers. It's a long way from Humboldt County to Escondido but, in cyberspace your only a click away. Thanks again for a primo website." - R. G. Cardella, Hydesville, CA.
Hey R.G. Distance is no factor, we'll come and get it for you if need be or arrange shipping...

"Randy, Peaches, Gary et. all; Thanks for a great time and a 'Super [Casino] Cruise!' That was the first time I've ever experienced a cruise -- my schedule doesn't usually permit Sundays off. You and your staff provided an atmosphere and program that was appreciated by all who participated. I'm sure that the success of this cruise will ensure #2. Thanks again to everyone. I look forward to picking up my '31 this week and enjoying the rest of the summer 'cruisin.'" - Padre Powers.

"Randy, Peaches and good old boys on staff: Just a note from the sticker patch (from Dr. Nick… remember me?) to congratulate you on the article in the current R&C on the Riddler Award-winning Chevy. I Knew it would be a big winner when you showed it to me a few months ago, but I didn't know HOW big! Congrats! And, I look forward to seeing the the upcoming R&C (and, most likely, many other mags) coverage in the near future. Keep 'em coming… Kustoms, Kustoms, Kustoms (and a rod or two is OK). There's a tiny pic of my '62 KUSTOM Bubbletop in the May Goodguys Gazette taken in Scottsdale, Nov. 2000 at its debut. They called it an "Impala" but it ain't!! Tuck and roll and those reversed chrome wheels with cal custom bullets… no other like it anywhere. But some folks get ink, some get dreggs… Me - I drive 'em! Keep up the good work." - Dr. Nicholas Hild, AZ.

"WOW, great website! The Golden Calf [M-80] is excellent. I only wish that us English had the bollocks to customize early classic tin! Hope to change that though -- I've had my Classic Mercedes Owner's Club membership cancelled because I de-chromed, lowered and generally de-cluttered a 1970 coupe. My name is ratshit now. GREAT!!!!!! If anyone wants a complete car, truck, bike nut as an e-mail pal I can be contacted via Praise be to the customised!" - Tasman.
Well dude, sound like another good reason for us Yanks to celebrate the 4th of July -- The right to customize!

"Randy, I took my truck to the Brother's (like in Truck Parts) Show & Shine this past Sunday [06-10-01]. I had to leave early so I didn't stay around for the awards ceremony. I had a voicemail when I got home today to let me know that my truck took the "Best Paint" award. They're going to mail it to me so I can bring it by when I get it. Let Mike Adams (and Jordan!) know that he can cut another notch in his Bink's gun for another award! Congrats and Thanks." - Mike & Barb.

"Hi Guys! Great Job on the M-80! I did the coverage on it in Detroit that is posted on HotRod Hotline. Great car guys!" - Cat Meredith.

"O.K..... I only have one thing to say. I was just lookin' at the Golden Calf [now the M-80], and I gotta tell ya.... you guys do great work! If I had the money, I would send you a car to restore for me. Please give my compliments to your staff. Keep up the good work." - Clint.

"Your M-80 is super cool. Thanx for showing it on the net. I enjoyed it all the way up here in Canada! I'll be watching for more projects." - Sherri & Steve, Canada.

"You guys are awsome. I was looking at the '49 that you just completed and WOW! WOW! I have seen a lot of good work, but that was jaw dropping. Keep it up." - Scot Headlee, Indianapolis.

"I just visited your site and saw the M-80 deal.... didn't know you were involved with that car.... what a fantastic car it is. We covered the Detroit Autorama at our website and had several pictures of the M80." - Mary Ann, Hot Rod Hotline.

"Congrats on a great web site and I love some of the projects you have created." - Graham Cooper, Australia.

"You guys did a great job on Project M-80. Any plans for the next one??" - Wayne Baker, Mississippi.
Always Wayne, Always!

"And to think, I mostly use you guys for maintenance of my black '59 Apache stepside! I knew you were in the business of full restoration, but MAN! I just saw your website for the first time, and the detailed photos of your current project absolutely ROCK. I feel as though I should find another shop for my piddly maintenance stuff so I can leave you to the Herculean efforts you are so accomplished at. Keep up the awesome work -- I can't wait to see the finished Golden Calf!" - Scott Finkel.
Hey Scott, customers like you keep the bills paid so we can do the big projects, so keep bringing your truck in. Rich or poor, big or small, we love all our customers.

"Wow... thanks for including the photos of my truck on your web-site. Looks great. Nice job on the truck and the web site!!!" - Mike Hale.

"I was looking at your web page the other day and I must say that it is very well done, in fact it is one of the better one's that I have seen." - Jim & Mary, Danvers, MA.

"It's websites like this, that keep me interested and involved in my husband's hobby. I keep this website in my FAVORITES and tell all my girlfriends about it. Their husbands love me for it and hope their wive's will get involved, too. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!! Many Thanks!" - D. Ann

"You have a very nice site, it's one ofthe best car sites I have seen on the net. I should put a link to you on my site so my friends can find you." - Arne Kindkvist.

"Very cool site.... Very cool artwork!" - Duane Elliott, Editor, Truckworld.

"[I] enjoyed your site. I used to own a '47 Ford panel truck, so it was fun to see that." - Kip Winsett, Webmaster, California Dreaming.

"Cool site. Great to see a shop dedicated to 'old' cars.... I got to see Rescue 11 at Americruise and it looks great. Thanks." - Blair Brennan, Specialty Automotive & Collectibles.

"By the way, your site is very well done." - Sam Martin,

"I checked out your site and it is very impressive. I'm sure that fire[truck] buffs will be interested." - Peter Molloy, Hall of Flame.

"You have put together a great website." - Mary Ann, HotRod HotLine.

"I like your page.... Besides cop and fire stuff, many of us are into hotrods and muscle-cars, so your link will be a welcomed addition - especially with the quality of work that it looks like you guys do." - John Bujosa, Emergency Vehicle Owners Association.

"Very cool web-site! Thanks for taking the time to show and tell me about the recent 32 Ford Cabriolet all-steel Deuce! ...wish I could afford such a fine rod someday - till then, I'll just keep plugging away on my 35 Ford truck!" - Tim C.

"Nice Page" - Walt, Modtiques.

"Nice site!" - Dave Wolin, The Performance Marketplace.

"You have a great looking page." - Bill Pratt, Draglist.

"I just checked out your web page for the first time and it was cool!" - CK.

"Hey, thanks man. Your site looks good!" - Joe 'Hitman'.

"Cool site." - Mr. Traffic.

"Kool site! You guy's obviously have that 'Gearhead' mentality!" - Sunny/Motormouth, Gearheader Magazine.

"I dig it." - Ryan Cochran, The Jalopy Journal.

"Randy, Just wanted to drop you a quick note... EXCELLENT WEBSITE!!! Very user friendly and informative. Keep up the good work. See Ya." - Gayle Stutts, Hot Rod Air, Inc.

"What a site you have! I turned bleary eyed from visiting so many great sites. You have put a lot of work into it and it shows." - Floyd Larck, Larck Services.

"Hi: I enjoyed visiting your site. I will return as I wasn't able to read all the humour." - John, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"You have a really nice site!!" - Steve.

"What a great site you have! Keep up the good work... and Good Luck!" - Mark.

"I'm 15 and have a 46 Ford coupe and I really love your site!" - Anonymous.

"Your site is terrific! I've instructed my Webmistress to add your link." - Charles.

"Hi Randy, I do agree this site is a shameless display of self promotion and commercialism at its finest. I find it totally entertaining and have now included it in my list of favorites. Keep up the good work and I will see you very soon." - Mark Pierson, Halibrand Wheels.

"Hey 'Stuff', yer page is great and it has great links, too. The built-in-house cars are awesome, and it´s evident that you are one of the best shops in the states. Why the hell doesn´t a shop like yours exist over here in mexico? Heck! Keep the good work up. I´ll be looking for your cars in any mag." - Edmundo, Mexico.

"You have a great site. I really enjoyed it." - flverv@

"Rodding is alive and well in the midwest, but for about five months a year you get to clean your ride. Keep up the good work, you have a very nice web sight. I'm sure your shop is just as nice...." Sincerely - Ed, Texas.

"Hi, Just came accross your site... its cool!!!" - Eric.

"Just wanted to let you know that your website is great! You have an excellent collection of links and information!" - Sebastian.

"I found your website verry coooooool. See you some time in Switzerland...." - Andyfouzy, Switzerland.

"I really enjoyed your web site. It has a great variety of cool links and great photos." - Jeremy.

"Site awards?!? What site awards? We don't need no stinkin' site awards!"

(OK, maybe just one or two...)

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Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, 2324 Auto Park Way, Escondido, CA., 1-800-HOT-ROD-5.
(Note: "Vineyard Ave." has been changed to "Auto Park Way." Our address has changed, but not our physical location.)

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff - builds, restores, paints, services and sells parts for classic autos, cars, trucks and street rods.