Fill panel in front of door. Hood, raised.

To finish off the hood and and fender mods, a fill panel just forward of the door had to be fabricated . When the hood closes, the rear "wings" of the hood will come down over the top of the panel.

Pneumatic hood prop.

The original 2003 SSR hood was kept open by a hood prop (the only year they used such a flimsy set-up). We got rid of it and retro-fitted an '05 hood kit that has a pair of pneumatic pistons which are much easier to use and less likely to bring the whole thing crashing down on your head.

Hood raised. Hood release.

Work get underway on the hood latch.

Bumper and bracket. Close up of bumper bracket.

Meanwhile, its time to get the bumper in place. We don't want any fender benders (considering how much work went into them), so a real bumper that can withstand more than a gentle tap is in order. In this case a stock Chevy truck bumper will do the trick.

Top view of bumper bracket. Fabricating bumper splash apron.

Since the 3100 Series Chevy truck came equipped with a splash apron for the front bumper, it was decided that one was needed here as well. Not only do they look good, they cover up those bumper brackets pretty well. And, if the truck ever does splash through anything wet, it will help keep the grill clean.

One problem though... original 3100 splash aprons are asymetrical, with one side shaped differently than the other. The solution, of course, was to fabricate out own.

Underside of splash apron.

Underside of splash apron.

Splash apron installed.

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