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Bubba's truck required more than just a new coat of paint.

The post-war years were gravy-days for the Chevrolet's line of pickup trucks. In 1947 Chevrolet introduced its line of Advanced Design pickups, which would run thru the 1954 model year. The "Advanced Design" trucks were the result of extensive interviewing of private and commercial pickup owners to find out what people did and did not want. Chevy listened, and as a result, their pickup trucks led sales for every year of the Advanced Design truck line.

Advanced Design pickups were wider and longer (eight inches and seven inches respectively) than their predecessors. Add to that additional cab length and width which finally allowed for a true three-man seat (which was fully adjustable and inclined to provide for better driver vision), and the new truck looked much larger than anything else on the market. Also, a larger windshield, bigger side and rear window glass, and optional rear-quarter windows enhanced safety by giving drivers better all-round vision.

Other improvements included higher and wider cab doors to entry and exit easier, a fresh-air heater/defroster system, entirely welded cab's construction, a forward shifted cargo box for better load distribution, and a new 3-point suspension system to give it softer ride.

The Advanced Design Series came in three-sizes, half-, 3/4- and one-ton, with cargo boxes 78 inches, 87 inches and 108 inches long. Standard in each was a 90 horsepower, 216.5 cubic inch, Thrift Master OHV six cylinder that produced 174 ft-lb. of torque. The half and 3/4-tons came with a three speed, with a four speed optional. Only the four speed was available for the one-ton.

In 1951 the left-side cowl vent was eliminated and was replaced by door vent windows. In 1952 new push-button door handles were introduced. So, if you have vent window and no push-button door handles, you know it's a '51.

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