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Parts List by Manufacturer.

ABS Power Brake, Inc. "Mini Electric" high-power brake master cylinder (8" l x 2" w).

American Battery Corporation. Odyssey 12v Battery.

A-Tech Motorsports. Aluminum clutch master cylinder.

Bilstein. 13" Aluminum 2.5" rear coilovers.

Bilstein. Shocks, chrome, long street rod.

Bob Drake. Tail lights, 47-48 pass / 42-47 trk.

Coker Tire. Tires, Firestone, Vintage Bias-Ply 820-15.

Coker Tire. Tires, Firestone, Vintage Bias-Ply 560-15.

Cooling Components. Fan, electric, motor & shroud, 2700 CFM.

Crutchfield. Infinity Kappa speakers.

Customer Supplied. 340 cubic-inch, supercharged, Ford Y-block motor.

Dakota Digital. 10 Function remote entry.

Dearborn Deuce. 1932 Ford convertible-top body.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Drilled stainless steel axle.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Spindles, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Steering arms, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Shackles, front, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Vega pitman arm, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. Tie rod ends, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Factory, Ltd. King Pin Kit, polished stainless steel.

Deuce Steel. 1932 Ford chassis / frame.

Durant Enterprises. Front mono-leaf spring.

Electro-Line 2200 Series, 1930's LaFrance firetruck headlights.

Flaming River. Custom polished roadster steering column with dish.

Flaming River. Vega steering box.

Flaming River. U-Joints.

Flex-a-lite. Custom oil cooler & fan combo.

Garrett Leather Corp. Distressed "Irish Crème" leather hides.

Gary Schroeder Ent. Rear sway bar (solid bar) 7/8-42 x .875.

Global Upholstery Supply. Blue velour carpet.

Goodtime Productions. Tric Tag II, retractable license plate mount.

Hotronics. Power windows.

James Durant. Spring, front, 35-40 Ford, reversed eye.

Knect Equipment. Dash insert.

Kugel Komponents. Reverse mount, under dash, brake & clutch swing pedals.

Limeworks Inc. Black forties style 16" steering wheel with black GM button.

Limeworks Inc. Early style 3" column drop, 1-3/4" diameter.

Lokar Performance Products. E-brake cables & hardware.

Lokar Performance Products. Throttle cable, universal.

Mattson's Radiator. Custom built brass radiator.

McLeod Industries. Tremec 5-speed transmission.

McLeod Industries, Shifter handle, chrome, straight up.

Oceanside Driveline. Custom driveshaft.

OEM. '32 Ford front wishbones (modified to fit a 40 Ford axle).

Outlaw Muffler, Exhaust cutouts, electric.

Painless Performance Products. 18-circuit remote mount wiring harness.

Pete & Jakes. Spoon throttle pedal.

Rock Valley. Custom stainless steel gas tank.

So-Cal Speed Shop. Buick brake hub kit.

So-Cal Speed Shop. Rear drum covers.

Specialty Products Design Inc. J-bend and U-bends for headers and exhaust.

Stage 8. Locking header bolts.

Stainless Specialties. Mega oval mufflers.

Stainless Steel Brakes. Residual and proportioning valves.

Stewart Warner. Guages.

Vintage Air. "Compact" unit, with defrost, AC.

Vintique, Inc. Wiper motor kit.

Vintique, Inc. Clutch & brake pedal pads.

Wheel Vintique. Wheels, 15x5 St. Rod Wire, Chrome 2" back space.

Wheel Vintique. Wheels, 15x7 St. Rod Wire, Chrome 3-1/2" back space.

Wilson Welding. Front backing plates.

Winters. Quickchange rear end assembly, V8, Big Brg. (Torino).

Winters. Gear set, 6 spline, 1-3/8, 22/25 teeth.

Winters. Drum brakes (rear), plain Steel

Wise Guys Seating and Accessories, manual seat adjuster.

Wizard Fabrication. Steer Clear, 14" offset steering coupler.

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