Keeping Cool...

Dyanmat insulation Heat/sound insulation.

In order to keep all the heat coming off of the engine and through the pipes at bay, not to mention reducing road noise, we didn't skimp on the insulation. In addition to the spray on Lizard Skin we used Dynamat and a combination of high-heat roll board (the white stuff) and foil backed heat/sound insulation.

Flloorboard insulated with lizard skin. Roolboard insulation on floor.

One of the neat things about Lizard Skin is that you can paint over as we have done here with the forward floor and lower firewall. Add some additional insulation and this roadster will be as cool and quiet as anything out there. No blazing firewall or floor to cook your feet going down the road, and no road noise and vibration transmitting through the body. Just cool breeze and the sound of the wind. And if that's too much for you, throw up the rag top.

Roll board insulation on firewall. Painless wiring bundles.

Floor receiving insulation. Dynamat insulation.

Three layers of insulation ought to do the job.

Insulation on floor and firewall. Insulation in door panel.

We even applied Dynamat to the interior surfaces of the doors in combination with the Lizard Skin as you can see here. Even applied in strip Dynamat provides significant noise reduction.


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