Unter der Haube

Camaro with hood up.

Since GM now stands for German Motors, we thought we'd throw in a little Deutsch for them in case they stop by the website. Put this little pony car on the Autobahn and the local drivers would be seeing nothing but red... taillights, that is. So how do you say Aloha in German? Auf Wiedersehen!

Aloha Bobby & Rose logo on firewall

1968 Camaro - Engine Compartment.

Here's a good look at that ZZ 383 crate motor. Valve covers, plug wire looms and a breather from Zoops help dress up that factory motor. A polished Holley intake manifold and Holley 750cfm Race Double-pump carburetor helps make this beefy small-block scream. That and the combination of Fast Burn aluminum performance heads and a 383-nch stroker small-block adds up to 425 horsepower and 449 lb.-ft. of torque.

According to the GM website "A carefully engineered balance of torque-producing bottom-end power and horsepower-inducing Fast Burn cylinder heads combine for the ZZ383/425's stellar performance statistics. The Fast Burn heads have large 2.00"/1.55" valves and specially designed chambers that draw in lots of air and fuel, burning the mixture quickly and completely. It's a combination that generates great mid- and high-rpm power, which, when combined with the 383 cubic inch displacement, creates an awesome all-around performer. The ZZ383 has a specially modified engine block and 3.80"-stroke crankshaft, which produce 383 cubic inches of pure performance. The reciprocating assembly is comprised of heavy-duty components including a 4340, nitrided, and induction-hardened forged crankshaft, and unique, heavy-duty powdered metal rods. It's 425 horses of bulletproof performance. With the ZZ383/425, you get the power of a big-block with the size and weight of an aluminum-headed small-block."

In other words, this Camaro can go reallly fast!

Be Cool radiator

Of course, with all that horsepower, you need a good Radiator to keep that motor from melting down. A Be Cool cross-flow aluminum radiator is just the ticket.

T56 Tremec Transmission. Hooker headers.

Here's a look at that 6-speed Dark Horse Performance T56 Tremec Transmission. Another look at the Hooker headers as well.

Detroit Speed and Engineering sway bar kit Currie 9" Ford rearend

That's a Currie 9" Ford rear with posi-traction and disc brakes. The leaf-springs holding up that rear end are backed up by a pair of Bilstein shocks. A Detroit Speed and Engineering sway bar kit together in the turns.

ZZ 383 crate motor

Aloha Bobby & Rose 1968 Camaro

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