Spoiled isn't always bad...

68 Camaro, rear spolier construction.

When you're talking cars, that is. Part of re-creating the Aloha Camaro requires reproducing that distinctive rear spoiler.

posterboard spoiler mock-up Spoiler resting on trunk lid.

As with the fenders, we begin with a posterboard mock-up to make sure we get it right and to make tempates for the sheet metal.

68 Camaro, spoiler.

Though this spoiler will be blended into the trunk lid, it is made as a separate piece to begin with.

LED third brake light from Hitech Products

An LED third brake light from Hitech Products will be installed in the spoiler.

spoiler, side/rear view. spoiler, side view.

Now that the trunk lid is finished, it's time to extend the spoiler out to the fender line.

spoiler end mock-up. spoiler end mock-up.

Again, posterboard is used to mock things up.

Spoiler end finished.


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