Vintage Air's All New V8 FrontRunner!

Vintage Air - V8 FrontRunner

Vintage Air announces the first small block Chevrolet engine component drive system engineered for maximum performance rather than simple cosmetics.

This totally engineered package solves the most critical shortcomings of conventional aftermarket accessory brackets such as; premature belt failures caused by mechanical tensioning, excessive belt length runs, awkward component placement, and cylinder head mount-bolt variations.

Vintage Air - V8 FrontRunner

FrontRunner Features:

Exclusive FrontRunner spring tensioner provides continuous SAE-spec static and dynamic belt tensioning for OEM quality belt life.

Exclusive block-mounted design allows any deck height / cylinder head combination. Uses no head or intake mounting bolts like conventional brackets.

Super rigid truss-architecture design CNC machined from 6061-T billet aluminum. Available in machined or gray anodized finish.

Engineered to clear most GM and aftermarket tuned-port fuel injection systems.

Exclusive fixed-position component mounting creates a super compact package within the basic engine size envelope. Fits into extremely tight chassis configurations.

Uses exclusive new Vintage Air Titefit Line / compact compressor package.

Exclusive Precision machined Hardcoated aluminum pulleys reduce weight and wears like steel.

Pulley sizes engineered and matched for optimum component speeds.

Uses compact GM Type II power steering pump and GM 140 amp alternator.

Front Runner Big Block Installation

Call us now for special deals on Vintage Air products. Ask for Garry or Mike behind the parts counter.


Rodeo Randy rides again!

At Vintage Air's 2005 annual dealer meeting in San Antonio, Randy Clark amazes freinds and family by staying on champion Bronc "Front-Runner" for a full 8 seconds. Later Randy admits it was all a mistake... "I thought they asked me if I wanted 'a FrontRunner installed in my ride', not 'Front-Runner's in the stall, wanna ride?'" Installing a FrontRunner is definitely easier and you won't need rodeo clowns to help you.

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