Hi Mike, [Mike Adams, our body shop manager].

How are you doing? I am still in Iraq. Ramadi, Iraq. Sorry I have not [written], but we don't get a lot of free time. Well it's getting hot over here. Too hot if you ask me. It wouldn't be that bad if the power would stay on… when it shuts down it gets a little warm in the tent.

Things are different from the last time I was here. Last time I was down south. There were only a handful of people that gave us a hard time. And this time I am up north with a city that hates us. That's fine with me. I don't care for them and if they get in our way, we won't think twice getting them out of it.

A new thing that they have this time is I.E.D.'s. All they are, are bombs that they hide and wait for us to drive by… [to] blow us up. It's a sad thing to say, but they work. My second week out here I was driving on one of our back roads. I am the driver for the second [vehicle] (no one wants to drive the second vic because that's the one that always gets hit). So, here I am on the back road. We start to turn left when I see a trash bag on my side. I am thinking, "that looks out of place." Just then "BOOM" we get hit. I blacked out. I woke up, sat up and saw the windshield caved-in. The IED blew about five feet from my left front tire…

The body took a lot of damage, and the truck wouldn't start. We had ¾ doors on her. They are just heavy metal doors. Well anyways we got hit and I took glass and small rocks in the face. Thank God that was it. I was cut up, but back on the road 3 days later.

Let me say thank you again for helping me with my car when it got hit. And thank you for helping me now. I hope all is going well with her, and you aren't having any problems… I know the car needs a lot of work done. And ya'll have my trust, so she will always go to you. I have to go. It's time to go to sleep. Thank you again.

Take Care,
Brian F.

Stay safe Brian, it's the least we can do for you. We hope to see you soon.

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