April 30, 1997

Dear Randy and Kem:

I cannot begin to describe how satisfied I am with your company's work on my 1957 Chevy frame on restoration.

What started out as an accident on March 15, 1996 which wiped out the passenger side of my 57, allowed me to realize a life long dream of completely restoring myoid car.

After the accident it took me four weeks of looking to find a reputable establishment to handle the repairs and new paint job.

My friends dad, who built a 1936 Ford three window coupe, uses a gentleman in Riverside for his painting, another friends friend uses a gentleman in Ontario, the restoration parts company recommended a gentleman in Santee and fortunately my neighbor Ed, with the 55 Chevy, 37 Plymouth and 53 Muntz recommended your firm, right here in Escondido.

Ed said your company had done all the work on bis -53 Muntz and showed me what a great job you had done and gave me your business card.

I contacted you and dropped my 57 Chevy off on April 16, 1996. You looked at the damage and listened to and reviewed my list of problems with the paint and metal work on the car. You gave me an estimate for the repairs and the paint job and the other work that would be done. I asked how long it would take and said, - "don't tell me two months if it will take three. Just tell me how long and that is when I will expect the car to be finished".

Your answer was it will take about three months and that when you take an old car apart to paint it, i.e., taking out all the windows and replacing all the rubber and window felts etc., you are going to find more things that will require attention or a decision, leave it as is, repair it, or replace it. And depending on when during the three months these items are encountered may or may not increase the time necessary to complete the car. Availability of parts, and the time to acquire them being the factors that will effect the completion date of the restoration.

I gave you a box camera and asked that you take some pictures during the restoration project which you did and they turned out great. I have a complete picture diary of the accident damage through to the completion of the restoration. You told me that I had a really nice car but that when you guys were through with my 57 Chevy that it would be a whole lot nicer. And you weren't kidding, what I got on July 31, 1996 was a first class classic chevy.

What started out as an accident repair and paint job turned into the following:
1) a new door skin for the passenger door
2) a patch panel for the passenger quarter panel and a smaller patch panel
for the drivers side quarter panel
3) removal of the lead used where the quarter panels and the trunk come together
4) a new head liner, visors and hand holders
5) new kick panels, rear seat panel, rear window panel and radio speakers
6) new carpet, new trunk mat and new door sills
7) entire dash rebuilt, gauges, clock, radio, aluminum strip with BelAir logo
8) interior painted, steering wheel and instrument cluster painted the correct colors
9) all new window, door and trunk rubber seals, new felt channels and door lace
10) engine compartment detailed and engine painted
11) car painted the original color, colonial cream and a white diamond swirl pearl top.
12) all the stainless steel moldings and the aluminum rectangular slot mags were repaired and polished
13) plus many other lninor details too numerous to list.

Your straight forward approach to what should be done, how it should be done, and how much it will cost and the time it will take to complete the job was very refreshing and all the decisions were mine. If I chose to do something different you would explain the consequences but the final decision was mine.

To say that I am satisfied with your work is an enormous understatement, Randy, Kern, Mike the painter, who by the way was the one who chose the white diamond swirl pearl as the color for the top, Tom who took the car apart and then put It back together, and everyone else who worked on the car and Peaches in the office made the trauma of my accIdent and my feelmg of "oh my God, what do I do now?" turn into the beautiful classic chevy that I now have.

Today I have brought in my newest acquisition, a 1957 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon for you to go through and make up my wish list of things for you to do to make it as beautiful a classic as you made my 1957 two door sedan.

Warmest Regards,

Larry R. Johnson, Carlsbad, California.

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