Kugel IFS installation

[15] The upper A-arm is lowered into position and then attached to the spindle with the ball joint.

[16] With the suspension assembly in place, Phil double-checks the wheelbase one more time.

[17] The sway bar is fished into position and the pillow blocks are lined up on the crossmember. Phil already has drilled the mounting holes.

[18] Normally Kugel instructs you to mount the sway bar on the front of the crossmember, but in this application, the crew at HR&CS decided it would fit better on the back of the crossmember.

[19] Heim joints are used to connect the A-arm to the sway bar. The heim end is connected to the lower shock mount on one end.

[20] The other end screws directly into the end of the sway bar.

[21] The power rack is moved into position. No, you don't have to take it apart and add an extension the way you have to on some cheaper kits--another trade-off in the "value" department.

[22] The rack lines up perfectly with the mounting holes. It's a drop-in deal.

[23] The rack is attached to the spindle's steering arm with a rod end. [24] The finished assembly is as nice as anything on the market. A little time with a polishing wheel (okay, a lot of time) or some paint woulf finish off this IFS front end nicely. It also looks great as is, so you can brag about your Kugel front end either way.

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