Kugel IFS installaion (con't).

[7] How important is proper alignment? Before continuing, five professionals were consulted to eyeball, check the level, observe the measurements and then agree that the crossmember is correctly positioned.

[8] Here's a look at the crossmember in place. Notice how nicely the old crossmember blends into the new crossmember.

[9] HR&CS's Phil Damon mig-welds the crossmember onto the frame. It's a good idea to alternate between sides to prevent warping due to heat buildup.

[10] With the crossmember welded into place, the lower A-arm can be installed. Kugel uses nylon bushings for stick-free movement.

[11] The coilover shocks come with all the hardware required.

[12] The upper A-arm uses eccentrics, which are the key to aligning the Kugel front suspension. Simply twisting the eccentric creates positive or negative camber. Adding or removing shims changes caster.

[13] Notice that the A-arm bolt has a flat spot on it (actually two). This corresponds to the set screw holes in the eccentrics.

[14] The unpolished, non-chromed spindle is dropped into the lower A-arm ball joint.

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