Mention the words Kugel Komponents, and street rod builders ooh and aah about the quality craftsmanship, fine castings, intelligent engineering and even the remarkable packaging. Then they say, "but that Kugel stuff is expensive." Well, we're here to tell you it only seems expensive. If you opt for a Kugel Phase II Independent Front Suspension and elect for the non-polished, non-chromed version, you're going to have a system that's right in the ballpark with the heavily discounted IFS systems. Remember, many of those "low, low price" units are painted steel, include smaller 9-inch brake rotors and don't include a power rack or other omissions. When you really compare hub-to-hub with the kind of equipment you will actually need for the job, the Kugel Phase II looks like a real bargain.

We were hanging out at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido, California, discussing this exact scenario when Randy Clark directed us to an installation of an unpolished Phase II Kugel Komponents IFS on a '35 Chevy two-door standard. Since we don't let an opportunity like this slip by us often, we documented the install with our trusty camera. Look at this system, compare the quality, check out the prices and then you can make an intelligent decision.

[1] The '35 Chevy frame has been stripped of all the stock suspension components and is ready to go. Previously, the original axle centerline was marked on the side and top of the frame, plus the wheelbase was measured.

[2] The new Kugel crossmember will be positioned 1/4-inch ahead of the original axle centerline. Double and triple check your measurements.

[3] Some portions of the original crossmember will need to be removed for this application. The Hot Rods & Custom Stuff staff will blend the old crossmember into the new crossmember.

[4] Here's what was cut out. If you want to remove the old crossmember entirely, weld temporary bars across the frame to prevent twisting before removing the old crossmember.

[5] After test-fitting the Kugel crossmember, it was determined that a few spots needed some clearance. Phil Damon removes a bit of metal with a disc grinder.

[6] The Phase II IFS crossmember is slid into place. What a luxury to simply slide a one-piece unit into place instead of multiple pieces that have to be precisely aligned. That alone is worth the extra dough.

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