Vintage Air Front Runner Installation - Big Block, page 2

Don't forget to connect the bypass hose. Use the shortest possible 90 degree elbow. Slide the AC compressor onto the main housing.

Install the AC mounting spacer on back side of the main bracket and insert the bolt from the rear. The bracket will have to moved forward to allow this. Don't forget the spacer for the bottom AC bolt.

Torque the AC compressor bolts to 15 ft. lbs. Slide the alternator onto the lower alternator bolt. The bolt should have been installed when you installed the power steering bracket.

Slide upper alternator bolt through main bracket (from rear), and into the alternator. This bolt should be inserted before installing the main bracket. Torque altenator bolts to 12 ft. lbs.

Install power steering pulley onto the power steering pump all the way down. Use an installer to keep it straight. Install pulley flush with shaft. Install pulley flush with shaft.

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