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Stripper for hire: Plastic media blasting.

Road Tour 32 - Body & Paint

Road Tour 32 - Chassis

Road Tour 32 - Drive Train

Road Tour 32 - Wiring & Interior

Keeping Things Cool & Quiet

Do It yourself Convertible Top

Something Old, Something New

Front Runner Big Block Installation

How to Paint Flames

Install A TCI Independent Front Suspension In Your F-100

Install a Kugel Phase II IFS

"Dakota's New Dash Panels" (Road Tour Car build-up).

"If It Feels Right, Make It Work" (Road Tour Car build-up).

Vintage Goggles For Model A Roadster.

Rod Tops convertible top installation

Plastic Media Blasting

Ford Ranchero Floor Fix

SEMA and California Agencies Solve Titling Dilemma for Hobbyist Vehicles

Legislative Alerts: Laws you should know about.

Before You Buy A Car - Important Advice about Salvage Titles

Off Site Articles

Disclaimer: Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in not responsible for the information found in the following articles. These links are provided for your information and possible enlightenment only.

Air Conditioning/Heat:

Vintage Air Tex Tips.

Vintage Air Tech Downloads.

Body & Chassis:

Choosing the Right Equipment - Competition Engineering

Rust & You

Sub Frame Basics: Camaro-Nova


1968 Camaro -- Front-Brakes Conversion

'63-'64 Brake Upgrade

Blue Oval Bolt-on Binders

Bolt-On Brakes: Upgrading to four-wheel discs with Stainless Steel Brakes' bolt-on kit

Bolt-On GM Aluminum Calipers

Braking To Aviod Breaking

C-Body Disc-Brake Conversion

Flathead Ford V8

Quickest Discs: Stainless Steel Brakes Disc-Brake Conversion Kit

Stainless Steel Brakes’ Six-Cylinder Disc Brake Conversion

Swap Your Six For a Great V8: Upgrade That Six-Cylinder Mustang to V-8 Status

Classic Performance Products (tech articles)

Car Care:

Cooling System:

Cooling Woes

Cool Tech Articles from Arrowhead Radiators

Flathead Ford V8


Basic DC Electricity and It's Application in Old Trucks

Flathead Ford V8

Paint & Body:

Body and exterior tips (Crankshaft Coalition).

The cheapo paint job (Crankshaft Coalition).


Narrowing a rearend (Crankshaft Coalition).


Determining if your car worth restoring (Auto Restorer Online).

Flathead Ford V8

Philosophy of Car Restoration (Auto Restorer Online).

How To Start A Frame Off Restoration (Auto Restorer Online).

Food for Thought on Restoration (Auto Restorer Online).

Restoration Articles from The Guild of Automotive Restorers.

Steering & Suspension:

Anti-Sway Bar Diameter/Stiffness Formula.

Auto handling theory

Classic Performance Products (tech articles)

Flathead Ford V8

Handling Adjustment Chart

How do stabilizer bars work (by How Stuff Works).

How sway bars work, and why people use them (by

How control bars affect handling (by Canadian Driver).

Improved Handling with Anti-Sway Bars (by SCR Motorsports).

Rear Sway Bars: Improving FWD Handling (by AutoSpeed).

Shock Absorbers (by Monroe Shocks).

Stiffer, Stronger, Faster! (Popular Hot Rodding).

Struts (by Monroe Shocks).

Suspension 101 - Components of Suspension & What They Do (by Leo Zick).

Suspension 102 – Tuning your car to Perform (by Leo Zick).

Suspension Terminology Guide (by Monroe Shocks).

Suspension Upgrades: Step-By-Step Handling Improvements (Hot Rod Magazine).

Suspension System Fundamentals (by Monroe Shocks).

Swaybar Design (by Scott Mueller).

Sway bar rate increase by diameter

Understanding the Basics of Chassis, Suspension & Traction Equipment (by Competition Engineering).

Understanding Vehicle Dynamics (by Monroe Shocks).

What Is Ride Control? (by Monroe shocks).

Tires & Wheels:


How to title a hot rod (Crankshaft Coalition).

Tonneau covers:

Tonneau covers


How I Built My Own Automotive Rotisserie

Tuning, Engine:

Adjusting the valve train - Crane Cams

Choosing a Magneto - Don Zig Magnetos

Competition Cams - links to articles on their website.

Flathead Ford V8

How to identify a Ford V8 - from the Cranshaft Coalition

Various Tech tips from the Stovebolt Engine Parts Co.

Various Tech articles from Diabolical Performance.


Installing Headliners: Special Instructions For One Piece Headliners

Other Tech Resources:

Automotive Definitions and Definitions for Automotive Parts A-Z

Autobody Repair Definitions

Autoshop 101

Buy (articles on purchasing and restoration)

Classic Industries - GM restoration tips.

Classic Performance Products (tech articles)

Crankshaft Coalition Wiki

Flathead Ford V8

Ford Truck Enthusiasts Knowledge Base

How Stuff Works (great resource).

Inner Auto Parts dictionary of automotive terms.

LubeDev Articles on oil and gas (very interesting).

Project 33

Studebaker Technical Information

Tech Articles from Hot Rod Hotline

Tech Articles from Auto Shop 101 in PDF format

GM Goodwrench Tech Center

Generator Facts: information about portable generators.

In The News

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less!

Call Congress Back! Make them vote on an energy policy!

U.S. Oil Imports by Country of Origin

Climate Research News

Drill: Petroleum is a major part of America's energy picture. Shall we get it here or abroad? (2009).

Clunker Legislation (2009).

Our View: Global-warming welfare coming (2009).

Un-American and Unlawful White House Projects--Cash For Clunkers (2009).

Global Warming: A closer look at the numbers (2009).

Cash For Clunkers' Uncharitable Consequences (2009).

Is the Climate Science Debate Over? No, It’s Just Getting Very, Very Interesting (2009).

Cash for Clunkers Video Sparks Outrage Over Wasteful Government Programs (2009).

When the Clunker Is Greener (2009).

The Billion-Dollar Car Crash (2009).

US Govt . Report: More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims (2009).

Climate Revolt: Largest Science Group 'Startled' By Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears! (2009).

GAO: Electric cars won’t reduce carbon emissions (2009).

Life is a highway: Study confirms cars have personality (2009).

OBAMA'S JALOPY CO.- Why GM's Doomed to Failure (2009).

Gore's Inconvenient Enron (2009).

Who Pays For New Fuels? Obama says: You Will! (2009).

Obama's energy, climate plans would drag U.S. back to 1905 – or 1862 (2009).

Offshore Oil Drilling: An Environmental Bonanza (2009).

Al Gore's Green Lies (2009).

When "Big Green" Means Long Green [Former VP Al Gore's carbon tax scheme] (2009).

Newt Rips Gore's 'Facts' To Pieces (2009).

Saving Our Planet, One Guilt Trip at a Time (2009).

Green up, Man! It's Freaking Earth Day! (2009).

UFOs and AGW [global warming] (2009)..

The Next Ice Age (2009).

The Folly of 'Green' Job Creation (2009).

Global Warming: A Classic Case of Alarmism (2009).

The Desultory Climate Change Debate (2009).

The Civil Heretic--Freeman Dyson (2009).

Oil Industry Narrows Focus on Deep Water (2009).

Global Warming: Gone, but we will be taxed anyway (2009).

Obama and Your Electric Bill (2009).

Obama's Global Warming Straddle (2009).

Barack Obama faces 'revolution' if he imposes tough carbon targets, warns IPCC (2009).

Warming and Cooling in the North Pacific (2009).

Climate Change Modeling and the Sun’s Effect on Global Temperature (2009).

Climate change forecasts are useless for policymaking (2009).

Anthropogenic Effects on Global Warming (2009).

Political Elite Losing Touch With America on Global Warming (2009).

Locals set revenue trap for non-local motorists (2009).

Bio-Fools (2009).

A Bad Day for a Global Warming Protest (2009).

How to kill the auto industry (2009).

Obama's Green Snake Oil (2009).

Environmentalist Green is the New Red (2009).

Palin supports in-state gas line (2009).

Coal, Glorious Coal! (2009).

Climate Crisis = Logic Crisis (2008).

Global Warming’s Last Gasp (2008).

Obama Should Forget About Energy Independence (2008).

Global Warming's Poor, Huddled Masses (2008).

Economic Bloodletting (2008).

Unrealistic Mandates and Unrealistic Science (2008).

Global Climate Change Logjam (2008).

Obama on the "Urgency" of combating "Global Warming" (2008).

Ethanol, A Terrible Fuel Alternative (2008).

Carbon Offsets Could Swamp EU Carbon Price (2008).

Nancy Pelosi's 'Drilling' Charade (2008).

Rep Don Young Urges Producing American Energy & Opening ANWR (2008).

Iraq's Oil Progress (2008).

The Idiocy of Energy Independence (2008).

Open ANWR Already! (2008).

Beware the wind energy hot air (2008).

Natural Gas Provides Solutions to High Gasoline Prices (2008).

The Democrats' energy socialism (2008).

Nancy Pelosi Invests In Energy Scheme and Water Grab (2008).

Where’s the Energy? (2008).

Coastal oil drilling (2008).

On OffShore Oil, Obama Offers the Audacity of Ignorance (2008).

It's Simple: Drill and Conserve (2008).

Editorial: T. Boone's windy energy plan (2008).

Free the Oil -- and Other Slick Tricks (2008).

Global Warming (2008).

Environmentalists' Wild Predictions (2008).

Knights of the Planet Gore (2008).

US Arctic Oil May be LOST to the UN (2008).

Drill for more oil (2008).

Video: Dems won’t act even at $10 per gallon (2008).

Offshore Drilling Choices (2008).

Obama’s Answer to Drilling Debate: Inflate Your Tires (2008).

Environmentalists' Hold on Congress (2008).

IS AL GORE NUTS? (2008).

Energy Policy: Let's Not Repeat the Mistakes of the '70s (2008).

Global Warming Consensus (2008).

No smoking hot spot (2008).

State highway patrols struggle with big gas bills (2008).

Al Gore's Doomsday Clock (2008).

Inconvenient Truths About Oil (2008).

Drilling in the Offshore: Unleashing the oil companies (2008).

Dems’ Doublethink on Drilling (2008).

Greenhouse Confusion Resolved (2008).

No drilling? No excuses (2008).

A Time to Drill (2008).

We have to ‘get over it’ and explore energy options (2008).

The Marvelous Chicken-Powered Car

The Trouble With Ethanol (2008).

Your Carbon Ration Card (2008).

Gasoline Price War Hits the Senate (2008).

Climate change by Jupiter (2007).

An America First Energy Plan (2008).

Obama's Dry Hole (2008).

The Can't Do Society (2008).

Bless the Speculator (2008).

James Hansen: Abusing the Public Trust (2008).

Oil Is Not the Only Saudi Export (2008).

Oil's perfect storm may blow over (2008).

Global Warming Hypocrites (2008).

Obama and The Don't Drill Democrats To America (2008).

Why Brazil Isn't Ashamed to Exploit Its Oil (2008).

Big Oil blather (2008).

Greens Thwart Gasoline Production (2008).

Rising oil prices are on a slippery slope to disaster (2008).

Roadmap to Gridlock: The Failure of Long-Range Metropolitan Transportation Planning (2008).

Solving Pump Pain (2008).

Fuels vs. Food (2008).

The gas prices we deserve (2008).

Does Rail Transit Save Energy or Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? (2008).

Climate is right for another swindle (2008).

Our Own Oil Cartel (2008).

Sacrifices to the Climate Gods (2008).

Blame senators, not oil execs (2008).

'Grantsmanship' Distorts Global Warming Science (2008).

The United States' New Pre-Emptive War (2008).

Your Energy Future Under the Democrats (2008).

Watermelons and Windmills (2008).

The Bum Rap on Biofuels (2008).

Don’t Freak Out--Bjørn Lomborg speaks climate sense to nonsense (2008).

The Trouble With Ethanol (2008).

Ethanol fires harder to control than gasoline, require special foam (2008).

In Defense of "Big Oil"(2008).

Oil - Too "Complex"? (2008).

Oil at $120: Here's Why (2008).

Chill Out on Climate Hysteria (2008).

More Carbon Dioxide, Please (2008).

The Environmentalists' Real Agenda (2008).

Ethanol's Failed Promise (2008).

Trash today, ethanol tomorrow: Invention promises major advance in biofuel production--No Corn! (2008).

Why 'Global Warming' is Not a Global Crisis (2008)

Media Revelation: Ethanol is Causing Inflation (2008).

Pols Drunk On Corn-Based Ethanol Have Left Millions With Hangover (2008).

Don't Increase Federal Gasoline Taxes—Abolish Them (2007).

'Global Warming' as Pathological Science (2007).

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming: Part 1/4 (2007).

Fire & Ice - History of Global Warming/Cooling Scares (2007).

U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007.

Driver ticketed for using biofuel (2007).

Study Finds Certain Ethanol Blends Can Provide Better Fuel Economy Than Gasoline (2007).

Don't Look to Government to Cool Down the Planet (2007).

The Sun, Stupid--The mighty sun is in charge of what happens on puny Earth (2007).

Green Goodies (2007).

Warming Without SUVs On Neptune (2007).

The Many Myths of Ethanol (2007).

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Update, SEMA eNews (2007).

Hot Air, Cold Cash: Who are the Merchants of Fear? (2007).

Why some experts want higher gas tax (2007).

Surprise: Ethanol as Deadly as Gasoline For Now (2007).

An Inconvenient Truth... or Convenient Fiction? (2007).

The Global Warming Industrial Complex (2007).

Robert E. Petersen, Founder of Hot Rod, Motor Trend Magazines and Benefactor of the Petersen Automotive Museum Passes On at 80 (2007).

Green Fuel for Yellow Buses; Program Pushes Biodiesel Fuel (2007).

Limousine Liberal Hypocrisy (2007).

State Makes Big Fuss Over Local Couple's Vegetable Oil Car Fuel--Told To Pay Taxes on Fuel or Else (2007).

Fire danger fuels "trees-for-fuel" plans--biomass/hog fuel (2007).

The Real 'Inconvenient Truth' - Greenhouse, global warming and some facts (2007).

From Food to Fuel (2006).

300 Million and the Environment (2006).

Flex-fuel Fans Beware (2006).

US rules on big brother black boxes for automobiles (2006).

Frankenstein Fuels (2006).

Scientists: Global Warming is Real but This Isn't It (2006).

U.S. outdoes Canada in cutting toxic pollution (2006).

Why Liberals Fear Global Warming More The Conservatives Do (2006).

Building additional refineries won't lower fuel costs (2006).

From moonshine to cheap gas: Home stills used for additives (2006).

Beware the big green political monster--the environmental damage caused by leftist greenies (2006).

Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels: how far can you drive on a bushel of corn? (2006).

Hemp For Fuel (2006).

Cheaper Fuel Cells (2006).

Cheap Hydrogen Fuel (2006).

The Ultimate Economy Ride (2006).

Practical Fuel-Cell Vehicles: Hybrid vehicles... are lifting the prospects of fuel cells (2006).

Biofuels get mixed review--Ethanol does well on efficiency, but only so-so for the environment (2006).

Does Deep Earth Host Untapped Fuel? (2006)

Europe biofuel plans under fire [Environmentalists claim biofuel is bad for the environment] (2006).

Worse Than Fossil Fuel (2006).

Climate of Fear: Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence (2006).

Michael Crichton before the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (2005).

Researchers Convert Chicken Fat to Fuel (2005).

Ugh, Wilderness! The horror of “ANWR,” the American elite’s favorite hellhole (2005).

The Great Global Warming Swindle Videos


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