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Ron Covell

One of the most respected names in Metalworking is Ron Covell. His work is well known in the custom car industry and most of us can only hope to achieve the level of skill and sense of the art that Ron posseses. Fortunately, Mr. Covell is as good at teaching the art of metalworking as he is at performing it, and he teaches seminars in the subject at various sites around the country each year. In March, 2003, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff hosted its first Ron Covell seminar. Even our experienced metal formers were wowed by Ron's skill and the knowledge he passed along.

Ron Covell seminar at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff

The two day seminar on the basics of metalworking was held in our fabrication shop and attended by people from across the country, in addition to our own technicians. In addition to providing the workspace for the seminar, we provided lunch on both days.

Ron Covell Ron Covell

The basic course covers all the fundamentals of hammering, cutting and welding metal, and getting it to do what you want it to. It also covers the different types of metals and their characteristics under different conditions. According to Ron, knowing the metal you are working with is as important as knowing how to use your tools.

Tools and their proper use is also hammered into students (pardon the pun). For example, student are taught on- and off-dolly hammering techniques and when to use them in order to achieve the best results.

One Mr. Covell's demostrations included making a piece of window garnish by using a small form to hammer the halves it into shape.

Once shaped, the halves of the garnish are welded together. An otherwise difficult job made easy once Ron showed everyone how it's done.

Mr. Covell's most impressive demonstration starred a curved piece of sheetmetal he brought with him to the seminar. During the course of the weekend, that same piece of metal would be dented, bent, cut, punctured and repaired a dozen times. And each time Ron repaired it back to its original state by hammering, stretching, shrinking, welding and patching it, again and again. It's an impressive demonstration not to be missed.

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff will be hosting more Covell seminars, so check our seminar schedule for dates.

Ron Covell. Covell Creative Metalworking or 800-747-4631.

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