The following series of photos show the work performed by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff on Mike Stallings Roadster.

Deuce Steel frame with Hemi mock-up. Setting up the Winters quick-change with 4-bar link.

At the heart of Mr. Stallings roadster is the Deuce Steel frame.

4-bar link. Hemi engine mount.

4-bar links and Bilstein coilover support the Winter quick-change rearend. Up front, custom mount points to accomodat the Hemi are welded into the frame. Our Deuce Steel frames cane be modified to fit any application. Frame are not built until ordered, allowing us to customize each one as it is being built. Precision jigs and templates allow for frames to be built quickly and efficiently.

Deuce Steel frame. Brookville roadster body.

The primary difference between a standard '32 frame and the Deuce Steel frame is forward of the firewall. The front horns of the stock American Stamping rails are cut off and replaced with our own. These new front rails about three inches longer, piched in at the front, and have a greater arc. This results in a lower stance. A specially modified Deuce Steel grille shell is then used to fit the narrower gap between the rails. To find out more about the Deuce Steel frame, click the logo near the bottom of the page.

Rolling body and chassis. Firewall and trans tunnel modifications.

Modifications to the Brookville Roadster body include Louvering of the hood and trunk lid. Modifications were also made to the firewall, floors and transmission tunnel.

Extra fuel tank behind seat. Firewall and steering linkage.

In addition to the stock gas tank, this one was added behind the seat to extend the distance between stops. Big block Hemi's tend to sip fuel at a slightly higher rate than a Prius hybrid.

Decide on Zoomie header configuration. Wanlass windshield

Block huggers are out, zoomies are in. Now we just have to decide on the right amount of "zoom" to put in them. Same goes for the Wanlass windshield.

Because of the trans tunnel mods, mounting the e-brake handle sideways in front of the seat turned out to be the best solution.

Love those Louvers! We have our own punches so we can do them in-house,

Anyone need some cheese grated?

Ready for delivery.

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Street Rodder magazine, September, 2007

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