Another feature of the DS frame is the custom front spreader bar. It not only looks good, it has the strength to double as a bumper and protect those frame horns. Instead of using early Ford-style U-bolts to retain the front transverse spring, a plate is secured to tabs on the front crossmember for a cleaner look. When the frame is flipped over, small boxing plates are welded in where the crossmember meets the framerails. The peaked front spreader bar is welded in at the front of the rails, then caps are welded over the ends. The caps are then ground for "smooth" look.

An upside down look at the engine mounts and the steering box mount. The mounts are precisely located in the frame jig based on the mount and engine type. Clearance at the rail is provided to allow for plumbing to travel along the frame. The "inset" boxing plates help to keep the plumbing out of the way and protected to some degree from road-debris.

On the left are the brake and clutch-pedal mounts. This view from below allows you to see how the pedal assembly attaches to the frame at the driver's side x-member. All frames are set up to ba able to use both a brake and clutch pedal.

Behind them, on the right, is the master cylinder mount, which is laser cut. It can hold up to two master-cylinders, in case you want to run a hydraulic clutch for a manual transmission. The cut-outs on either side provide clearance for plumbing and exhaust.

The DS frame comes with rear 4-bar mounts and brackets for coil-overs. Again the all brackets and mounts are located and welded in using the frame fixtures. This eliminates mistakes that might be made in measuring them separately each time.

The picture on the left is the transmission mount. The steel plate used as the transmission mount is shaped differently depending on the transmission used. In this case, it will be a 4L60-E transmission for the LS1. The frame is designed to accept several different standard mounting plates for popular transmission and engine configurations.


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