The Boss' other '32

1932 Ford Roadster - front quarter.

While Randy's '32 coupe is a real beauty, ask him which is his favorite car and he'll tell you it's his red roadster. Or as he sometimes refers to it, his "real hotrod."

1932 Ford Roadster - side

When he's not driving the work truck, he's cruising to the sound of this flat-head driver.

1932 Ford Roadster - 3/4 rear view.

In 1932, Henry Ford introduced his last great personal engineering triumph: his "en block", or one piece, V-8 engine. Offered as an option to an improved 4-cylinder Model "B" engine in this low priced car, this compact V-8 power plant, with its down draft carburetor, enabled 1932 Ford to outperform all other popular competitors and was 20 years ahead of its time. The improved proportions and styling of this car reflected Edsel Ford's genius for design.

The 1932 Ford automobile combines the attractive facelift of the 1931 Model A with the world's first low-priced, cast-in-one-piece V-8 engine. When the V-8 first made its appearance in the 1932 Ford, it heralded the era of the American dream car: large, powerful, and soft-sprung. Basic mechanical configuration changed little from the late 1930s until the advent of the downsized front-wheel-drive cars of the 1980s. The final element in the equation, the automatic transmission, first appeared in the 1940 Oldsmobile.

The original 221 c.i. V-8 made 65 bhp at 3400 rpm, although the more conservative Society of Automotive Engineers set the net rating at 30 bhp.

1932 Ford Roadster - front.

1932 Ford Roadster - back.

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