Flame Painting 102

When the base-coat colors are applied, move your entire arm in long sweeps, keeping the spray nozzle perpendicular to the surface. To trace the flames, it's all in the wrist. To apply the first shading, start at the base of the flame with the gun held perpendicular to the surface. As you nears the stopping point, turn your wrist and angle it towards the flame tips. This effectively increases the distance between the nozzle tip and the painted surface, which results in a fading-out of the paint. When you apply the darker orange do the same thing, except start at the flame tips and fades toward the base. In this way, the colors will appear blend seamlessly.

Our painter mixes the last color while the paint dries.

The purple flame tips are applied with the same technique as the other colors, starting at the tip and flipping the wrist to fade it towards the base.

Things are looking pretty psychedelic about now. It's got that '60s tie-dye look. But that will all change when the masking is removed. Quick test - Do you remember the original color?

Time to see our handy-work.

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