Flames 101, Continued...

The next color to be applied is also an undercoat color that will serve as a primer. It is applied in the same way the white undercoat was - three light, fast drying coats.

In the time it takes to clean the gun and mix the next color, the yellow basecoat has dried. This light, yellow/orange will be the initial flame color. It, too, is applied in three light coats. When applying these first three colors, the spray gun is set to deliver a wide spray pattern for quick coverage. While applying paint, he is careful to keep the gun moving while spraying, and keeping six to eight inches away from the surface so paint does not build up in any one spot. It's always easier to add more paint than to remove it if it builds up and runs.

With the base applied it is time to add color to the flames. He adjusts the nozzle of his gun so that it will spray a strip 1-1/2" to 2" wide. The flame color will gradate from the base color through two shades of orange and finally to purple at the tips. The lighter of the two shades of orange is traced around the edges of the flames starting at their base and extending 2/3 of the way towards the flame tips.

The gradated flame colors are applied as a single coat so that they will appear to blend into each other once they are all applied.

The next, darker orange is applied againg by tracing the flames, but the tracing starts about a third of the way from the base of each flame to the tips. Again, this color is applied in a single coat.

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