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Tech Articles

Sites with reciprocal links
Automotive Diagnostics & Publishing*
Automotive Lubrication Online*
Covell Creative Metalworking*
Bumper Books*
Florida State University*
Gearhead Cafe - Automotive Manuals*
Internet Traffic School* A great site with on-line games to teach kids (and parents) driving skills!
Taylor Automotive Tech-Line*

Sites without reciprocal links

A Tech Training Inc.
A/C Maintenance Tips
Abbe's Automotive Manuals
AERA - Engine Rebuilders Association (lots of tech info!)
ASE Test Prep OnLine
Ask Mr. Traffic
Aspire Inc.
Auto4dreams (videos)
Auto Archives
Auto Color
Auto Data Publications, Inc.*
Auto Shop Online
Automobile Literature from Walter Miller
Automotive Calculation Software
Automotive Support Programs for Inspection, Repair & Emissions (ASPIRE)
Automotive Training Center
Automotive Video Inc. (training videos)
Automotive Web Encyclopedia
Autoshop 101 Automotive Training & Resource Site
AutoTechs USA
BAT Auto Technical
Baum Tools Technical Publications (European)
Before You Buy A Car - Important Advice about Salvage Titles
Bentley Publishing
Bob Hewitt's (Misterfixit's) Autorepair Page
Bob Johnson's Auto Literature
Bob The Oil Guy
Bookspeed, Internet Book Shop
Braking Notes by Brian Berk
Brough's Books Tech Articles
Cadillac Database
Cadillac Database
Car Database
The Car Guy
Car Information Network
Car Manuals
Car Restoration Videos
Car Secrets Revealed
CCAR’s Greenlink Environmental Info Site: safe automotive waste disposal
Chek-Chart Publications
Chevelle Technical Articles
Team Chevelle Tech Articles
Chevelle Tech Reference
Classic Auto Registry Service
Collecting Used Oil for Recycling/Reuse
Collector Car Restoration Videos
Consumer Information Center, Pueblo Colorado
Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
Creative Lab Scope Technique Page
The CVA Group basic vehicle maintenance manual
Damon Enterprises Automotive Books & Videos
Dearborn Classics Reference Library - data plate info for Ford
Delmar Publishing - Automotive Training Resource Center
Delmar Publishing (automotive textbooks)
Detroit Iron Information Systems (shop manuals on CD)
Dirt in Engines, by Dick Zakrzewski
Doctor Gun Paint tips
Education Direct Auto Repair Technician Program
Electronic Fuel Injection 101
Extracting Broken Bolts and Studs
Factory Automanuals
Flat-Out Press
Glenco/McGraw Hill Publishing (textbooks)
Goodheart-Willcox Publishing (textbooks)
The Gold Book - classic car price guide
Helm Inc. (OEM manuals)
Hairpin Books
Haynes Repair Manuals
Head Porting for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Hot Rod Handbooks
Hot Rod Library
Hot Rods World-Wide Bookstore
How Stuff Works
How To Start A Frame Off Restoration
International Automotive Technicians' Network
ISO-9000 in plain English
JENDHAM Training Seminars
John E. Wiebe Shop Manuals
Kelly Blue Book
Krause Publications
The Learning Tree Mechanic
Lincoln Technical Institute
Linder Technical Services
Mark Kennison and Company
McClellan's Automotive History and Literature
Metalshapers Association
Michigan Virtual Automotive & Manufacturing College
Mister FixIt
Mitch Schneider's Future-Tech
Mitchell International (aftermarket manuals)
MorTec, Inc. - Engine Math For The Rest of Us (lots of great Chevy tech info)
Motor Publications
N.A.D.A Car Valuation Guides
National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)
Old Buick Archive
Oldsmobile Encyclopedia
Prentice Hall
Racing Tech Articles
Recalls and Safety Info from NHTSA
Robert Bently Publishers
Russels Automotive Literature
Rx for Your Motor Oil, by Dick Zakrzewski
SEMA Site For Performance Info
Shadetree Mechanic Online
Shop The Home Page for the Automotive Repair Professional
Service My Car Technical Training
Solano Community College
Speedometer gearing charts
Stainless Braiding, by Dick Zakrzewski
Star Autohaus
Steve Smith Autosports
Ted Weems Used Manuals
Tire Tech from Tire Rack
Tools For Education
Torque and Horsepower - A Primer
Upholster Magazine
U.S. EPA Ozone Protection
Veejer Enterprises - Auto Electrical & Electronics Troubleshooting Training
Vette Books
Vintage Books
VMR International Car Price Guides
Vocational School & Association Links
Whitehorse Press
Wyoming Technical Institute

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