Government, Lobbyist Sites, Driving and Traffic Schools:

It may seem strange to provide a list of state & federal government links on a web-site dedicated to hot rods, but it isn't. Federal agencies that are relevant to those who cruise the nations highways are provided so you can stay current on what the government is doing that may affect you. State homepages can direct you to departments of motor vehicles so you get your cars licenced and check on available custom plates. State park and rec agencies can provide helpful information to plan your next cruise. And almost all of these sites will allow you to get in touch with state and federal politicians so you can tell them what you think about laws that might restrict your right to cruise and enjoy Classic automobiles and Hot Rods.... Submit Link

Sites followed by an asterisk (**) are reciprocal link partners and we encourage you to visit them.

Legislative Alerts: Laws you should know about.

SEMA Legislative Updates

Citizen Lobby & Information Sites / Legal Info

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
ABTS-A Better Traffic School**
Americans Against Traffic Calming
American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA)
Association of California Car Clubs ACCC (CA)
Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights (DRL's)
Automobile Disputes
Bay Area Traffic School
Beat My Speeding Ticket!**
Carroll's Govt. Index
Defensive Driving and Traffic School**
I Drive Safely
Interactive Traffic School
Lemon - PA and NJ Lemon Law Help*
Lemon Laws Explained
Mobile Scanner and Radar Detector Laws
Motorcycle Riders Foundation**
National Motorists Association
NDSS - Online Traffic School
Nevada Traffic School Online**
Parking Pal - How to get out of parking tickets...
Radar Jammers
RADA: Road Access for Disabled Americans
SENSE - Safety by Education Not Speed Enforcement
SoCal Real Riders - Motorcycle Training*
Speed Trap Exchange
Traffic Radar Handbook
Traffic School Online
Truck Accident Attorneys**
Valentine One Radar Detector
X-Copper - Beat Traffic Tickets!**

Federal Government Sites

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Department of Energy (DOE)
DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center
EPA office of mobile sources
EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Legislation Information
Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
National Archives Code of Federal Regulations
National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety
NHTSA-National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
NHTSA-Office of Defects Investigation Recall Database
National Transportation Library
OSHA - Auto Body Repair Safety Center
US Department of Energy--Alernative Fuels Data Center
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate

State Sites

Alabama's Homepage
Alaska's Homepage
Arizona's Homepage
Arkansa's Homepage
California's Homepage
Official California Legislative Information
California Air Resources Board (CARB)
California Bureau of Automotive Repair
California Code of Regulations
California Department of Motor Vehicles
California Department of Parks & Recreation
California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information Page
California Office of Traffic Safety
Colorado's Homepage
Connecticut's Hompage
Delaware's Homepage
District of Columbia's Homepage
Florida's Homepage
Georgia's Homepage
Hawaii's Homepage
Idaho's Homepage
Illinois' Homepage
Indiana's Homepage
Iowa's Homepage
Kansas' Homepage
Kentucky's Homepage
Louisiana's Homepage
Maine's Homepage
Maryland's Homepage
Massachusetts' Homepage
Michigan's Homepage
Minnesota's Homepage
Mississippi's Homepage
Missouri's Homepage
Montana's Homepage
Nebraska's Homepage
Nevada's Homepage
New Hampshire's Homepage
New Jersey's Homepage
New Mexico's Homepage
New York's Homepage
North Carolina's Homepage
North Dakota's Homepage
Ohio's Homepage
Oklahoma's Homepage
Oregon's Homepage
Pennsylvania's Homepage
Rhode Island's Homepage
South Carolina's Homepage
South Dakota's Homepage
Tennessee's Homepage
Texas' Homepage
Utah's Homepage
Vermont's Homepage
Virginia's Homepage
Washington's Hompage
West Virginia's Homepage
Wisconsin's Homepage
Wyoming's Homepage

Canadian Legislative Links

CSRA Provincial Links

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