Hot Rods & Custom Stuff's Linking Policy

Failure to read and heed will delay your link posting or result in no link at all!

Hot Rods welcomes most industry related links and maintains it's link directory as a service to our customers and visitors. We only place links that are related to the automotive industry, hobbies and interests.

Our link pages are arranged alphabetically. At the top of the page will be reciprocal banner links. Reciprocal non-banner links will be in bold text.

Links are swapped "in-kind"; banner for banner, text for text.We do not include descriptive text with links. The "Vendor" links page is the only exception to this policy. This includes "anchor text" in place of your company name or website URL.

We do not ask for links from others without first placing a link to them on our site. So... if you request a link from us, you will receive a quicker response, and link back, if you have already placed a link to us on your site. These requests are handled first, but only as time allows.

Requests from sites that do not already have a link to us will be handled when we can get to it, which may be weeks - or longer.

Your links/resources page must be accessible from your home page and easy to find. If I cannot locate the page within three clicks of getting onto your home page it is unlikely others will.

The page our link is on must be utilize same primary URL as the rest of the site. Sites that use third party link farms will not be considered.

We are no longer accepting link swaps from "cheap" internet parts reseller sites.

Note: The webmaster at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff wears several hats; therefore, it may take some time to get your link up on the site if he is busy elsewhere in the company (this problem is compounded by the massive amount of e-mail we receive, spam and otherwise). Patience is a virtue.

If you place a banner link to us on your site, we will reciprocate if you send us your logo or banner. Please do not send banners or logos that are much larger than ours (as shown here). Excessively large logos and banners will be resized which may result in a loss of image detail. Send gif. or jpeg. images as attachments with your e-mail.

Do not send us your own html text for banners or links, it will not be used. If you have an affiliate program, detail it to us in an e-mail. If your site requires us to log-in and create user accounts to place our link on your site, it may not happen, we just don't have the time.

Paid links / Ads: If you do not have a links page to reciprocate with or an affiliate sales program, but would like a link in our links directory, you may purchase links. Paid links may be either text or banner. Paid text links will be placed at the top of the reciprocal text link section of a particular page (text size will be increased by 1). Paid banner links will be placed at the top of the reciprocal banner links section of a particular page. Paid link placements are good for one year from the date of placement.
Paid Text Link: $25 (10% discount for each additional link).
Paid Banner Link: $75 (10% discount for each additional link).
* Add 25% for placement on the main links directory page (this will be considered your first link and discounts for additional links will be calculated at the regular rate).
** Add 50% for placement on all other website pages.
*** Links placed on the main Links directory page will be placed below the link directory table.
**** Hot Rods & Custom Stuff reserves the right to decline any paid link.
***** Paid links that are later found to direct customers to porn, gambling or other sites with content not approved by us will be immediately removed and fees paid for those links will not be refunded.
****** We are currently reviewing all of our current links. If your site is a commercial site and it is currently linked, you will be asked to reciprocate or purchase a paid link to remain linked on this site.
******* Links cannot be placed on our home page.

To get your link, send us the following information:

1. Your Name:
2. E-Mail:
3. Site Title:
4. Site URL: (i.e. your company name or a variation on your url. Keyword strings will not be accepted with "free" links).
5. Type of site:
6. Link Section you wish to be listed in:
7. URL of page on which you have placed our link: (if applicable and only if you have already installed our link there).
8. Your banner or logo as an attachment: (if applicable).
9. If you are requesting a paid link, please include your Phone#, address and all other required information.

Send your request to:

Link swapping etiquette: If you swap links with us we request the following:

1. Notify us of any changes to your URL so we may update your link. Failure to do so may result in your link being removed as a "dead link."

2. If we have swapped banner links, and you decide you no longer wish to maintain banner links, and you decide to change them to text links, please tell us so we may do the same for your link. Bandwidth costs money.

3. If we have swapped links and you decide to eliminate links from your site altogether, tell us so we may move your link to the non-reciprocal section of the links list. If you don't, and we find you are no longer maintaining our link, yours will be eliminated entirely.

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