HUMVEE - Urban Assault Vehicle

Badlands RT Humvee

Our motto says "We Do It All, We Do It Right." Apparantly someone took us seriously and decided that if we can crank out deuce coupes in our sleep, a HUMVEE kit vehicle should be no problem. Before we could think of any rational objections, we were told the kit was being drop-shipped to us and being handed a credit card. What could we do? We got busy building a HUMVEE! As the saying goes - there's a first time for everything.

This particular kit is from Badlands, Inc. and is supposed to fit any General Motors 73 thru 87, 1/2-ton or 3/4-ton, regular or long box pickup. It can also fit 73 thru 91 Suburban of the same weight class. But, since we like to do things differently, we used a '73 one-ton extended cab chassis. The kit also requires a few other items from the doner vehicle (or vehicles), such as the drive train, steering column, pedal assemblies, master cylinder, steering column, and much more.

Essentially, the Badlands RT is a body kit, one that requires a fair amount of work and modification to complete properly. We, of course, added modifications over and above those required for assembly. The kit is available from Classic Roadsters in Fargo, ND. They also make kits for a 427 Cobra and Sebring MX.


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