Cruisin' Grand

Cruisin' Grand (as in Grand Ave.) is now beginning it third Summer here in Escondido. From its humble beginnings three years ago, and a couple dozen locals, it has grown into a Friday Night event that draws visitors from all corners of San Diego County and beyond. Beginning in April and running thru September, Rodder's from around San Diego gather every Friday night to show of their rides, eat at Grand Avenue's restaurants, listen to great tunes, and do a little Cruisin'.

This Friday (05-31-02), Cruisin' Grand was sponsored by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff (right). The tunes were provided by Debbie of "The Main Event". Theres nothing like walking or cruising down Grand Ave. with the Beach Boys playing "Little Deuce Coupe" in the background.

Park or Cruise - its your choice. Police close off the major side streets during the event to keep the traffic moving and provide parking and display areas.

At Cruisin' Grand you'll see all kinds. On the right, the members of the local Camaro Club have taken over a portion of Broadway, the main cross street. Broadway and Grand is where the all the action takes place.

The cars, trucks and hot rods that show up at Cruisn' Grand are as good as any you'll see at a major show.

If you like motorcycles, you'll find them here, too - either cruisin the avenue or parked in front of "Pounders" sports pub. The choice seats at the pub face the street so you watch the show.

To keep things honest and under control, Escondido PD always has officers cruising the avenue and showing-off their toys for kiddies and grown-ups alike. They even brought their restored Harley Trike this night, which got plenty of attention.

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