Grand Avenue Winner's Circle

Cruisin' Grand Trophies

Since we were the sponsors of this particular Cruisin' Grand, Randy had the honors of handy out the trophies for the best cars.

'39 Deluxe "Rumblin' Rag". Dan Pegg

Dan & Patricia Pegg with with their '39 Deluxe "Rumblin' Rag".

Mr. Richardson 53 Ford F-100

The Richardson's won with their Hemi-powered '53 Ford F-100

49 Merc Woodie Paul Leverenz

Paul Leverenz won for his '49 Merc Woodie which he restored himself.

Ron and Maria Chambers 37 ford Cabriolet

Ron and Maria Chambers one home with their '37 ford Cabriolet.

69 Camaro Mr. Murphy

Mr. Murphy's '69 Camaro wins one.

Jim Ray 31 "T" pick-up

Jim Ray's cool '31 "T" pick-up an award, too.

36 Ford 3-Window Roy Fillingame

Roy Fillingame gets an award for his '36 Ford 3-Window.

Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis won an award for his '36 Ford Pheaton. Unfortunately the photo was not usable, so if you see this Bill, send us a pic of your car so we can show it off for you.

Be sure to visit the official Cruisin' Grand website at

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