The Deuce Steel Frame

Lower, Longer, Cooler....

Deuce Steel 32 Ford Frame

When Deuce Steel decided to build a frame, the decision was made to start with a "clean slate." And we did.

Deuce Steel '32 Ford Frame - rolling chassis.

The custom Deuce Steel frame is different from any you've seen before, and looks it. It is specifically designed
to alter the stance and lower the nose with up-swept front frame rails.

Deuce Steel '32 Ford Frame - front Deuce Steel '32 Ford Frame - rear

The frame is "inset" boxed for better welds, and incorporates a six-point, steel-tube, double K-member.

Deuce Steel '32 Ford Frame - side

The rear end is contoured to allow greater rear-end travel, and the wheelbase has been lengthened three inches to allow more engine room within the original frame length.

Deuce Steel '32 Ford Frame - side

And finally, the engine and transmission mounts are raised up into the frame for better ground clearance.

1932 Ford.

Base Price (frame only) starting at: $4,495.00

At this price the basic frame includes the following:

1. Deuce Steel "Inset-Boxed", Tig welded rails - arched, pinched & stretched.
2. Narrowed Model "A" front cross-member.
3. Inset boxed frame - tig-welded.
4. Inset Vega steering box mount.
5. Six-point, steel-tube, double K-member.
6. Steel-tube driveshaft loop.
7. Rear 4-bar mounts (designed to accommodate custom Deuce Steel bars).
8. Coil-over ready rear cross-member.
9. Contour notches for front and rear suspension.
10. Brake and clutch pedal mounts.
11. Brake master cylinder mount.
12. SB & BB Chevy, SB Ford, Flathead, or Chrysler Hemi motor mounts available (pricing varies - not included in base price).
13. Additional custom modifications can be incorporated at extra cost.

Get a Deuce Steel rolling chassis for only $10,500 !!

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If you would like to place an order, please call us at 800-HOT-ROD-5.

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