'32 Firewall Installation

The following installation instructions are reprinted, in part, from the September 2001 issue of Street Rod Builder magazine. If you don't get Street Rod Builder, you should! Then you can read the full article complete with photos.

"The Deuce Steel Firewalls bolts right into roadsters, closed cars, pickups and even the new steel bodies on the market, with no modification."

· The first step in installing the Deuce Steel firewall is to lay the rubber gasket along the perimeter of the firewall. Note that the firewall comes 100 percent coated with electronic deposition paint.

· Work the gasket into the channel all the way across the top of the firewall.

· After getting the firewall into position, start working your way in at the bottom of the firewall where it attaches to the frame.

· You'll need to do some guiding to get the rivet heads past the cowl. Just take your time.

· Then, work your way up the firewall toward the top. You will need to keep an eye on the gasket as you go.

· You may need a little shove to get the bottom mounts to line up. That's normal.

· The hood-hinge mounts through the cowl and the firewall. Put a bolt in (minus the hood-hinge mount for now) to secure the firewall at the top.

· Tighten the fastener at the top.

· Lastly, insert the bolts into the frame mounts and tighten. Doing this last sucks the whole firewall into position.


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