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Dearborn Deuce body, front. Dearborn Deuce body, rear.

The newest Dearborn Deuce™ is an all-new steel roadster body redesigned around an amazing, fully disappearing top assembly. Neither a true roadster nor a cabriolet, they call it The Dearborn Deuce Convertible™. It's the result of the efforts of Hot Rods & Horsepower and ASC of Detroit - a company well known for its engineering of open air systems for the automakers (they're the same folks who developed the sunroof for the Dearborn Deuce coupe).

Dearborn Deuce body, dash and firewall Dearborn Deuce body, interior

An opening "tulip panel" behind the seat stores the entire top assembly completely out of sight. We deepened the cockpit by stealing 2-1/2" from this tulip panel, allowing you to sit back further in the cockpit, providing 2-1/2" of free legroom. The outer dimensions of the body, and even the stock trunk lid, have remained bone stock. The profile of the car with the top up, however, presents a "long nose / short deck lid" look, because of the windshield set so far back on the cowl and the top moved 2" further rearward. It's an absolutely terrific look.

The top itself is covered with high quality Cambria cloth, and is available in a choice of colors. On the underside of the roof, an optional full headliner finishes the look when the top is up. The rear window is glass, so there will be no scuff marks to buff out as with flexible plastic rear windows. This will leave you even more leisure time for driving around with that big smile on your face
Once closed to the weather, you can select either heat or air conditioning depending on the time of year. The new steel Dearborn Deuce Convertible™ body is fully upgradeable, however, and can be purchased with or without the top and side windows. They can be added later.

Dearborn Deuce convertible top Dearborn Deuce

Get the standard convertible body package for only:


To order your Dearborne Deuce body, call or e-mail us here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.

1-800-HOT-ROD-5 or

Call for special package deals and put your Dearborne Deuce body on a Deuce Steel frame today!

Dearborn Deuce roadster.

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