Chick and Sue Ann Koszis's '32 Ford Roadster ("Bare Bones '32")

In the 1980s and 90s Chick was building a flathead-powered '32 hiboy roadster (over a period of eleven years), with a lot of interruptions in the process (college educations for the boys, work on the Stealth Bomber project, etc.). He sold the project to his friend, Paul Crain, who completed the car in rather short order. Chick and his wife Sue Ann subsequently moved from the Los Angeles area to Valley Center, a rural community in north San Diego county. In September of 2001, they were on the last day of a two week-long motorcycle touring vacation throughout California. When stopped for gas in Mojave, Chick asked Sue Ann how she really felt about the trip. She replied that even though she enjoyed it immensely, she felt that two weeks was about the limit of endurance on her Harley. Obviously her "Fun Meter" was peaking. Chick responded with, "Well, you know, we could do this in a roadster, instead." She thought briefly and replied, "Yeah, we could." Chick took that as approval to start a new roadster project. The next day he called his old buddy Paul because he knew he had a fresh Rod Bods '32 roadster body ready to go on the market. He told Paul that he had a buyer-send the body to southern California.

Chick and Sue Ann didn't want the same long-term result with this project as with the last one, so he contacted one of the best in the business--Randy Clark of Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido to pull the project off in a timely manner. The goal was to have the car finished in time to make the LA Roadster Show on Father's Day weekend 2002, a short seven months away. Randy and his crew accepted the challenge and succeeded in fine style.

The '32 was built like the hot rods Chick remembers from the sixties, (surprising that anyone remembers ANYTHING from the sixties) and he decided that he had to have at least one blower-motored car in his life. This was destined to be a HOT Rod. After the guys at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff ventilated the rear deck lid, Randy started calling it the "blown cheese grater."

Randy turned management of the project, and the majority of the fabrication and assembly, to the capable hands of Phil Damon. Phil took a personal interest in the car and Chick credits him with pulling this project off professionally and giving it more than 100% of his skill and dedication. That's not to say that the rest of the crew at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff didn't participate, because they all contributed. Chick and Sue Ann give special thanks to Randy, Peaches, Doug, the two Dave W's, Charlie, Richard, Hot Dog, the Troy's and all the others who turned a wrench, cut a panel, crimped a terminal, or squirted some paint.

This car was designed and built to be driven. On the day before the 100 mile trip up to LA for the Roadster Show, the engine was started, and the car driven for the first time. It got better than 18 miles to the gallon with a new, tight engine and the blower with dual quads! A lot of this can be attributed to the 700R4 overdrive transmission. The car was one of the recipients of an award its first time at Escondido's Friday night Cruisin' Grand Avenue event. Another '32 roadster also won an award that evening. After the award presentations, the other roadster owner confided to Chick that he was going to put the car under wraps until the following January for the Grand National Roadster Show. Chick replied, "That's nice, but I'm going to put bugs on the windshield!" That's what it's about. Having fun with old cars-hot rods, in this case. Speaking of fun, the skeletons found their way from a motorcycle parts catalog, to Chick's house, to sit astride the '34 Ford commercial headlights. Their final resting place was the subject of much debate at the shop. This is fun stuff, and you can't take it too seriously!

Here's the tech details on the car. Probably more than you want to know.

* SoCal Speed Shop pinched '32 Hiboy Frame, modified by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, Escondido, CA, and powder coated by Olympic Coating, Escondido, Ca.
* Deuce Factory polished and drilled stainless steel I-beam front axle.
* Durant Mono-leaf front spring.
* Deuce Factory front-end fittings.
* SoCal Speed Shop hairpin radius rods & batwings.
* Mullins Vega steering box.
* Pete & Jake rear ladder bars.
* Bilstein shocks.
* Wheel Vintique Cruzer wheels and knockoffs (15 x 4 front, 15 x 10 rear).
* 145x15 front tires.
* 275x15 rear tires.
* Functional Fakes front brake covers over Willwood front disk brakes.
* Ford rear drum brakes.

* 355 cid Chevy machined, clearanced, balanced, and assembled by Team C Performance, Bellflower, CA
* SRP 8.0:1 cr blower pistons
* Scat forged-steel crankshaft
* SRP Heavy Duty rods
* Comp Cams blower grind cam (280 degree duration, 0.480" lift), lifters, roller rockers, and pushrods
* Dart Sportsman II cast iron heads w/2.02/1.94" stainless steel valves
* Milodon 7 quart oil pan
* Edelbrock water pump
* Melling high-volume oil pump
* Moon valve covers
* Gene Mooneyham GMC 6-71 polished blower, manifold, and 3" belt drive system (15% under drive)
* Edelbrock dual 750 cfm carburetors
* Rick Carlyle SoCal Speed Engineering exhaust headers
* Joe Hunt solid-state magneto look-alike distributor
* O'Brien Truckers air cleaner
* Tuned by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff
* GM 700-R4 Overdrive Automatic transmission, and 2100 rpm stall torque converter prepared by Jet Performance Transmission, Huntington Beach, CA.
* Currie Ford 9" rear end w/3.25:1 traction lock differential.
* 2 % inch exhaust system designed and fabricated by Phil Damon at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff, and ceramic coated by Olympic Coating

* Rod Bods 1932 Ford roadster steel body.
* Deck lid louvered by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* Firewall set-back 1".
* Body prep and paint by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* Pinstriping by Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* '34 Ford commercial headlights, with skeletons by Doug at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* '37 Ford taillight housings on Hot Rods & Custom Stuff custom fabricated brackets.
* 2" chopped stock windshield.
* Moon fuel tank mounted on front spreader bar.
* Miniature Moon tank brake fluid reservoir mounted on firewall.
* Stock '32 Ford fuel tank.
* PPG black basecoat with "eggshell" clearcoat.

* Glide Engineering roadster seat.
* Ron Mangus upholstery (serape and leather).
* Aluminum bead-rolled door, kick, and trim panels by Phil Damon, Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* Gennie nostalgia shifter, w/Dennis McPhail skull shift knob and "tattoos" by Pete Finlan.
* Tri-C Engineering stainless steel tilt steering column.
* GMT Column Drop.
* Lime Works turn signal switch.
* Lobeck steering wheel with engine turned spokes and Moon fuel tank fill cap horn button.
* Stewart Warner "Wings" gauges.
* Stock '32 filled dash panel.
* Inside '32 Ford door latch pulls fabricated by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff.
* Kragen floor mats.

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Chick and Sue Ann Koszis - "Bare Bones" Testamonial.

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