Chick and Sue Ann Koszis - "Bare Bones" Testamonial.


You know that I've told you personally what a great car Sue Ann and I have thanks to you and your crew, but I thought I needed to get the word out for others to know.

For the record: our '32 highboy was built at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff and was completed in time for the June 2002 LA Roadster Show. It's a Rod Bods steel roadster body on a SoCal Speedshop frame. The engine is a 6-71 blown 355 cubic inch small-block Chevy backed by a 700-R4 trans and a 3.25:1 geared 9-inch rearend. Randy referred to it during its construction as the "Blown Cheesegrater" in reference to the huffer and the generously louvered decklid. Today, its license plate declares it to be "Bare Bones."

Since the maiden voyage up the road to Pomona, Bare Bones has now seen over 20,000 trouble-free miles. It's been to Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada) twice (2004 and 2005); the Bonneville Salt Flats (Utah) in August 2002; Paso Robles in May and, Pleasanton (NorCal) last month in addition to almost every scenic hi-way in central and southern California. Along the way, it's been to: the entire California coast, Oregon coast, Olympic (Washington) peninsula; Seattle (twice); Yosemite National Park (California); Mt. Lassen Volcano National Park (California); Mojave desert; Las Vegas, Nevada; San Francisco, California; thru the Sierra Nevada Mountains; California's Gold Country; Reno, Nevada; and Lake Tahoe.

Some interesting anecdotes about the car:
: At the LA Roadster Show 2004, the car was displayed in Ron Mangus' booth. Jerry Noone (car builder from Lancaster, CA) brought Billy Gibbon (ZZ Top) over to point out some features of the car. Billy takes some pictures and declares to me, "Ah shore do lahk yur cahr!!" Thanks Billy, ah sure do like your music, too.

(2): I pulled into the Hilton Hotel parking lot in Pleasanton last month to register for the Goodguys West Coast Nationals. I pulled into an open spot and parked next to last year's AMBR winner "Sedeuced" built by Steve Moal and Tom Walsh. There's not a speck of dirt on it, and it's got 17 miles on the odometer. I just pulled in from 500 miles of Interstate 5 from San Diego, and thru the San Joaquin Valley. There's a ton of people taking pictures of "Sedeuced". I get out of my car and go to say "hi" to Tom Walsh (we were travelling companions up to Canada last year), and I tell him, "Tom, now don't that beat all - I win out over that guy in the "Bug Killin' Contest" and they're all takin' pictures of the loser!!! Go figger!

When I keep my foot out of it, it gets almost 17 miles per gallon. When I put my foot in it, the measurement becomes "smiles per mile" and I've got lots of smiles behind that laid back windscreen. You proved that a bitchin hot rod can be dependable with the Street Rodder Road Tour car last year, and I can back that claim up too with my experience wiith Bare Bones. If anyone thinks that a real hot rod can't be driven, see me or Randy for proof otherwise.

Thanks again,
Chick and Sue Ann Koszis

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Updated: 06/12/06

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