1970 Camaro Z-28

1970 was the year that the second generation f-body Camaro hit the road, and the last year that the Camaro could truly be called a muscle car thanks to emissions controls that were mandated the following year. Camaros came in a variety of packages from tame baseline models with a 155-horsepower 250-cubic-inch six, RS or SS packages with V-8s up to the 396 BB that cranked out 375 h.p., or the top of the line Z-28 package with the new 360-horsepower high-compression "LT-1" 350 c.i. race engine.

The Camaro, like it's sister f-body the Firebird, is of unibody construction from the firewall back, with a separate steel rail subframe for everything up front. Double A-arms made up the independent front suspension while the solid rear axle was suspended by semi-elliptical leaf springs. All four wheels came with drum brakes. In 1970 those A-arms were redesigned and the steering gear was moved from behind to forwaed of the axle.

This particular Z-28 came to us running, but in need of a complete restoration. As with most unibodies of the era, this one was on it's way to developing serious rust problems that needed repair to keep everything solid. The motor needed a complete overhaul, too. Fresh paint, a new interior, and replacement of numerous trim pieces were also in order to bring this king of the Camaro muscle cars back into top condition. It has been kept mostly stock, but with upgrades like front disc brakes and Vintage Air AC.

Many of the parts to complete this resto came from Classic Industries and Muscle Car Alley who specialize in f-body parts.

The Second Generation Camaro was supposedly inspired by Ferrari and was bigger and heavier than the first generation models which were GM's answer to the nimble Ford Mustang. In 1970 GM dropped the convertible Camaro from the line.

This is one lean, mean, motorvating machine. From 1970 on, the Camaro name would live, but emissions regulations would strangle the the horsepower out of them until even 150 hp factory model would seem like a dream.

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