Getting Blasted by The Media... (plastic media, that is).

Body in blast booth.

We've all heard that beauty is only skin deep. with cars it's often only paint deep.

Windshield sill has quite a bit of rust. close up of rustes sill.

That great looking car on page 2 had something to hide.

Swiss chees in the floor boards.

Kinda like that girl at the end of the bar that looks like a "10" at 3am (through beer goggles), but turns out to be a bit lower on the scale when the clothes, jewelery, and make-up are off.

Roof is rusted through. Hole cut in trans tunnel.

Even the top has holes in it.

Dinged up right rear qtr. panel. Bad patch on left rear qtr. panel.

The rear quarters were banged up and badly repaired. This car has gone through a mild resto at one point.

Trunk. Right tail light opening.

All things considered, this body is not in bad shape. We've seen far worse on other Camaros.

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