1969 Camaro 502

1969 Camaro 502, side view.

The 1969 Camaro is considered by many to be most beautiful production muscle-car ever built. Though mechanicaly identical to the '68 model year, the '69 model sported new fenders, door skins, rear quarter-panels, grille and taillights that gave the car a wider, lower appearance. A redesigned dash and more comfortable seats made the car more passenger and driver friendly as well.

1969 Camaro 502, quarter front view. 1969 Camaro 502, quarter rear view.

One thing a stock Camaro of any year DID NOT come with was the "Stinger" style induction hood. From '67 to '69, the only way to get a Camaro so equipped was to purchase one from Don Yenko's Chevy dealership in Pennsylvania. From the day the first Camaro rolled into his showroom, he and his race mechanics began modifying them into "Super Camaros" with beefed up suspensions and and a 427 BB motor rated at 425 h.p. (available in either the all-iron or ZL-1 aluminum block variants). Yenko also added the "427" and "Yenko" I.D. badges to the car lest anyone challenge their parentage. Factory Camaros were limited to the 396 at the time due to GM's 400c.i. cap on mid-size cars.

1969 Camaro 502, rear view. 1969 Camaro 502, grill.

This '69 happens to be a factory SS (Super Sport) that has been fitted with an aftermarket "Yenko" hood and painted a non-Yenko silver here at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff (Yenko Camaro¹s were available in 6 colors -- LeMans Blue, Hugger Orange, Olympic Gold, Daytona Yellow, Rallye Green and Fathom Green).

1969 Camaro 502 1969 Camaro 502, induction hood.

The "Cowl Induction" hood was based on the Corvette "Stingray" hood. The 427 was also borrowed from the Vette.

GM Performance 502 Big-Block Hurst shifter

Instead of a 427 we've shoe-horned a GM Performance 502 Big-Block under the hood. Yenko's that came with ZL-1 engine are considered the quickest of the series (capable of turning 13s off the lot), and the rarest which makes them the most valuable as well. While not a genuine Yenko, we're pretty sure this 502 equipped SS with Hurst shifter could give the Yenko run for it's money.

Pair of Camaros.

What a pair! The red Camaro with the rally stripes is a '67 Z-28 with a Yenko hood added.

Pair of Camaros.

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