1940 Ford Woodie - Before

1940 Ford Woodie

So where do you find a car like this? Usually out in field somewhere. In this case Ted Harcksen found his stuffed in the back of an old country junkyard behind a small auto repair shop a few miles east of Turlock, Ca. He bought the woodie way back in 1963, a year after he graduated from high school. "I had passed by there," says Ted "hundreds of times on the way from my family's ranch to town and not noticed it."

"As a teenager, my friends and I would spend weekends scouring the countryside and foothills looking for old cars, mostly Model A's and Model T's. We never knew what a 'woodie' was until the surfing craze hit in the early 60's and songs about 'woodies' came out. It was then I realized there was one in my own backyard."

1940 Ford Woodie

"So one day in 1963 I pulled into the old repair shop to see what kind of woodie was out in the back. When I found it was a 1940 Ford I knew I had to have it even though it was in fairly bad shape. But even though it had been sitting in a junkyard for years most all the pieces were intact and I knew it could be restored eventually. I made a deal with the repair shop owner to buy the car for $50.00 less the engine and transmission and my brother & I towed it home the same day."

1940 Ford Woodie

"Once we got the car home we parked it in one of the barns on the ranch and there it sat for 38 years. In 2000 I decided it was now or never if this car was going to be reborn. I started looking for a shop to do the work and stumbled across the website for Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. I liked what I saw on the website so I contacted Randy and went to visit the shop in the fall of 2000."

1940 Ford Woodie 1940 Ford Woodie

"I was very impressed by the quality of work I observed after visiting the shop and we made a deal to build the car. I drove up from Bakersfield to the family ranch in Ballico, CA and dug the car out of the barn. Once outside we hosed out almost 40 years of dirt and vermin and towed the car to my house in Bakersfield. On January 29, 2001 Randy sent up a pickup and trailer and we loaded up the woodie and sent it to the shop."

1940 Ford Woodie 1940 Ford Woodie

Once in the shop we began to disassemble the woodie and catalog the parts prior to beginning the restoration process, which would be substantial. As you can see, it was in pretty bad shape. Somewhere out there a guy is writing a classified ad for a car in the same shape and using the words "slight resto needed" or "great project car." But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1940 Ford Woodie 1940 Ford Woodie

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