1940 Ford Woodie - Underhood

1940 Ford Woodie - doors open.

It may look like a stock '40 Woodie at first glance, but look a little closer and you'll see a wolf hiding under that paneled work-truck exterior.

GM Performance Ram Jet 350

The only thing this motor has in common with the one that used to sit there is the number of cylinders. You are looking at a GM Performance Ram Jet 350. This fuel-injected small block puts out 350 h.p. at 5200 rpm and over 400lbs of torque. If you can't catch a wave with this puppy, you need to let someone else get behind the wheel. The brackets, pulleys, and air cleaner are from Street & Performance. Valve covers, wire looms, oil breather and the reverse rotation water pump are polished aluminum from Zoops.

GM Performance Ram Jet 350

The Polished AC compressor is part of the Vintage Air system. The radiator and condenser are Walker and cooled by a Cooling Components electric fan unit.

1940 Ford Woodie - hood up. 1940 Ford Woodie - grill.

All of this beauty and performance is riding on a T.C.I .chassis with polished front and rear disc brakes, chrome anti-roll bar and a posi-traction rear end. That rear end hooks up to a TCI Transmission equipped with a Dalenzie heavy-duty torque converter. Fuel is stored in a custom, stainless-steel, Rock Valley gas tank.

TCI Transmission Rock Valley gas tank

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