Woodie On Short Final!

Woodie exiting trailer in Valle, AZ.

With the Pontiac complete, it was time to take it back home to Arizona in time for the Seibold family Fly-In at Valle, Arizona. Valle is located about 30 miles from the South rim of the Grand Canyon at the junction of U.S. 80 and Hwy 64. Valle Airport is privately owned and is home to Grand Canyon Airlines and John Seibolds private aircraft collection and museum.

Woodie in hanger next to Ford Tri-Motor.

1939 Pontiac Woodie

Curtiss Robin C-1

Curtiss Robin C-1 was part of Grand Canyon Airlines original fleet.

Ford Tri-motor

The Ford Tri-motor, built in 1929, prepares to take guests on a quick flying tour of Valle, Arizona.

First built in 1925, the Ford Tri-motor was the first commercial aircraft to take passengers coast to coast, but the trip could take several days and, early on, included legs on a pullman train. We're guessing they still managed to lose peoples luggage.

Randy looks over his should with a smile. passengers include a couple of Arizona Civil Air Patrol cadets.

Randy looks over his should with a smile. Behind him, passengers include a couple of Arizona Civil Air Patrol cadets.

Museum hanger at Valle, Arizona.

A view of the museum hanger taken from the Ford Tri-Motor as it takes off. Along the front of the hanger are a row of vintage fighter jets. From left to right they are; a Lockheed T-33 trainer, a de Havilland Vampire, a MiG-15, and an F-84 Thunderjet. Behind the hanger (on the right) you can see a Convair VC-131 Samaritan outfitted for civilian passenger transport.

The Grand Canyon.

Though Randy and Peaches did not get to fly over the Grand Canyon, they did take a day trip and took this great picture from the south rim.

John and Liz Seibold.

John and Liz Seibold.

Ford Tri-motor at sunset.

Sunset, Valle airport, Valle Arizona.


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