Tale of two Motors....

two L-head six-cylinder Pontiac engines

Sitting on the pallets are two L-head six-cylinder Pontiac engines sporting 208 cubic-inches of displacement and peak output of 80 hp at 3600 rpm. This engine, which debuted on 1935 models, remained their standard six-cylinder offering until 1941, when Pontiac began offering engine "options" to its customers. The engine on the right is the one that came out of the woodie wagon. Soon after it was pulled we discovered that it had a cracked block and had to start searching for a replacement... which we could not find. We then started to discuss less than desireable repair options for the old L-head.

Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engines. Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engines.

While this was going on, one of the guys here in the shop got to talking to a friend of his who worked for another car builder her in San Diego. It turned out that they had just started to hot rod a 39 Pontiac and had a perfectly good L-head taking up needed space in their shop. Faster than you can say "Let's make a deal", one was made. Project saved.

Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engine.

Our new motor gets a fresh coat of paint.

Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engine. Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engine.

Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engine.

Pontiac six-cylinder L-head engine.


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