Fender Benders...

Right front fender. Old repair in fender that has failed.

While the metal parts of the body were in pretty good shape its obvious the Pontiac had been in a few minor fender benders--literally.

Torn flange. Old repair of fender.

Applying lead to fender. Carl demonstrates how to apply lead.

After repairing the fenders and straightening them out, Carl proceeds to finish them off with a little lead-work. Leading is old-school, like Carl, and it makes for stronger repairs than plastic fillers. And should the pontiac ever get in another fender-bender, the fender will be easier to repair. Lead also has more "give" to it, and won't shatter in the case of a minor impact.

Close up of lead on fender. Carl files down lead.

The lead is applied reletively thick over and around the repair welds and then smoothed out with a file. When finished, the fender will be smooth and all metal.

Finished repair on fender. Finished repair on fender.

Fenders being primed.

With the metal repair finished, the fenders are spryed with epoxy primer.


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