The Rest of The Story...

There is a story behind every vehicle that comes through our doors. Some are more interesting than others, to be sure, and some will never be known because those that drove them down history's highways and byways departed before they could be told. Occasionally, we get one that has not only an interesting story, but a complete one as well. This 1964 Chevy C10 is one of those. It has been owned by the same family since it rolled off the lines in detroit, and has a proud, hard driven pedigree that makes it a true family heirloom. But this story is best told by those that were there...


     "Here's a bit of info on the truck. My dad [Jim] ordered the '64 new, and had it delivered on his birthday in 1964. Within a few months it was on its first long road trip--to Alaska. The next year he used it for his honeymoon trip to Yellowstone.
     "The truck spent its time in various states of repair during my childhood, and I have many memories of camping/hunting in the mountains of Arizona with the old camper shell over the bed of the pickup. All of the kids in the family learned to drive behind the wheel of that truck, and I drove it everywhere during my high school years. My future wife even learned to drive the pickup.
     "We all contributed to the many 'character marks' on the truck. It was backed into by a 1963 chevy suburban (my mom was behind the wheel of the suburban), hit in the side by a herd of deer (the truck won that match-up), and hit by a runaway car while sitting in a parking garage. I did my job destroying the bed of the pickup with my lawnmower during my many lawn jobs in high school. HRCS was kind enough to point out the many dents made by my lawnmower sliding around the bed of the truck. I figure I have paid more for those bed dents than I ever made mowing lawns.
     "Finally, the day before my wedding in 1994, the brakes went out on the truck while my little brother was approaching an intersection. He didn't hit any other cars, but he did manage to run it into the wall of a preschool (no kids were harmed during the destruction of the truck). The '64 was towed to the carport at the house where it sat for the next 12 years until it was picked up by your shop. It was only partially repaired during that time.
     "That's all I've got for now. My mom is gathering some old pictures of the truck, and they should be to you shortly. Obviously we have a lot of history with the pickup, and we can't wait to start the next chapter in its life." ~ Nathan Carden.

1964 Chevrolet Apache C10 Pickup Truck in 1964.

1964 Chevrolet Apache C10 Pickup Truck - Photo of brand new truck in 1964.

Truck with rented camper shell

A rented camper shell and the C10 is ready for a little trip...

On the Alaskan Highway

...up the Alaskan Highway in 1964. Nathan's father (Jim) looks back down the road less travelled at mile marker 381.

Arizona at the Grand Canyon.

Back in Arizona at the Grand Canyon (1983). 19 years later (and at least one trip up the Alaskan Highway) the 'ol Apache doesn't look too bad. The new unpainted fender just adds character.

Rompin through the snow.

Rompin' through the snow somewhere in Arizona!

The C10 before initial repairs.

The truck (with more than a few hard miles on it), before it first trip for body repair and new paint in 1986.

After initial repairs.

Fresh from its first resto!

Kids in back of repaired truck

The kids seem to like the restored truck. From left to right: Nathan, David, Diane and Matthew. nathan now owns the truck and is the one who decided that it was time for this piece of "Old Steel" to go a bit faster down the road.

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Chevy C/K Series Truck History.

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