1960 Willys Utility Wagon

1960 Willys Wagon

The mystique and facination with the Willys Overland / Jeep series of vehicles never seems to wane. For over 60 years it has been America's "Go Anywhere" vehicle. Produced by the hundreds of thousands in various configurations, there are probably few places in the world that these rugged vehicles have not gone, road or no road. While most of the vehicle that flowed from the famous lineage have been open-topped vehicles, several hard-topped and wagon models were produced to appeal to the everyday family consumer.

1960 Willys Wagon

Helping to restore this one to driveable condition was a real pleasure, but it was not restored to stock/original condition... a few modification have been made. The owner wanted a vehicle that would be more driver and freeway friendly than the original. So the first thing that was changed was the old 4wd drivetrain. It is now a 2wd with a chevy small-block under the hood and a 4-speed automatic trans. A TCI front end was installed to improve handling, and the suspension upgraded all around as well.

1960 Willys Wagon 1960 Willys Wagon

1960 Willys Wagon

Its days of rock-hopping and trail exploration may be over, but the classic styling of this original SUV will live on as it cruises down the interstate in its new life as a rolling piece of history.

1960 Willys Wagon

1960 Willys Wagon

1960 Willys Wagon

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