1950 2-Door Mercury Coupe Custom

1950 Mercury Coupe - Artist rendering

As original old steel gets harder and harder to find, getting the custom sled you want often means buying one that has already gone through the restoration process and going back to the drawing board with it. This slammed 50 Merc is a perfect example. This one had already been chopped and customized by a previous owner before the current one brought it to us. In fact, when it came into the shop, the last thing we expected was to be asked to tear it apart and start over (you can see the before pics on page 4 of this series).

1950 Mercury Coupe - driver side.

While this was a fairly extensive restoration, it was not a complete frame-off resto and it did not require us to do any extensive fabrication or bodywork. Most of the work was cosmetic; new paint and a new interior. We also worked on some mechanical upgrades like a Vintage Air AC system, new brakes, rebuilt motor, new wiring, and other mechanical upgrades.

1950 Merc - qtr. front view.

The Mercury line of cars was the brain child of Edsel Ford. He felt there was a market for a line of cars that could fill the price gap between the standard Ford models and the high-end Lincolns. He was right.

1950 Mercury Coupe - front.

That Edsel decided to name the car after the winged Roman God Mercury turned out to be prophetic as the new cars began to fly off the Ford assembly lines in 1939 and into the hands of eager consumers. The cars boasted a more aerodynamic design and a more powerful "Mercury Eight" motor. 17,000 were produced in 1939 and by 1941 that figure had climbed to over 98,000.

1950 Merc - low front qtr. view.

From 1942 to 1945 Mercury halted most of their production due to the war. When the war was over, Henry Ford separated the companies and established Lincoln Mercury. The 1946 models were really just slightly modified '42 models, but the production of new models ramped up quickly and by 1948 all new Lincoln-Mercury models were rolling off the lines and into the showrooms.

1950 Mercury Coupe - low rear qtr. view.

1950 was Mercury's highest production year, selling 344,000 vehicles. It was also the year in which they sold their one-millionth vehicle.

1950 Mercury Coupe deliverd to customer.

When it comes to styling, the 50's belonged to the Mercury, and it was the '50 Merc that set the bar for those that followed. When it comes to hot rods and street rods, or classics of any kind, few cars have the stylistic appeal of those early 50's Mercury's. From the distinctive chrome dental-work of the grills, to the sleek, futuristic bodies, they always stand out in a crowd.

Randy Clark delivers the refurbished Merc to a very happy Myron Reichert.

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