1940 Mercury Eight Convertible Sedan - Rust Repair

Rust on body panel. Rust in bottom of door. Close up of rust.

Once the Merc is apart it goes to the plastic media blast booth to get stripped of it paint and surface rust. As you can see in the above photos, rust had a pretty good start going under the paint. Once blasted clean, the parts and body are sprayed with an epoxy primer to prtect the bare metal while we repair the damage.

1940 Mercury Eight Convertible Sedan - in primer

Bracing is important to keep the body from twisting or bending during the restoration, especially on a convertible body that lacks a roof structure to keep everything in place.

Replacing floor boards & firewall. Repairs in rear wheel well.

Floor boards and firewall will get a complete replacement.

Rusted metal. Rust repair.

Cancerous areas like these will be cut out and replaced by new sheet metal.

Before rust repair. After rust repair.

Here you can see how a previous repair was done using sheet metal that was riveted into place. This will be cut out and replaced by clean metal that will be seam welded into place. The fabricator has even included a new captive nut in the original spot.

Before rust repair. After rust repair.

On the left, the piece that was cut out is help up for viewing. The finished repair is on the right.

1940 Mercury - bodywork. 1940 Mercury - bodywork.

Once the metal repair is completed, additional finish bodywork will get everything smooth and ready for paint.

1940 Mercury Eight Convertible Sedan.

Arriving at the paint shop.

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