1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

The 1928 Chevrolet National Series AB was basically an updated 1927 Series AA Capitol with a slightly longer wheelbase (lengthened 4-inches to 107), and a facelift. Improvements included a longer and straighter hood (built to accommodate the six cylinder motor coming later in the year), more flowing fenders, smoothly integrated body panels, a four-wheel brake system, and a ventilating windshield.

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

The 1928 Series AB sold new for between $495 and $715, depending on the options and body style. During the 1920's the Chevy was seen as the higher priced, more luxurious competitor vehicle to the Ford Model T, which routinely outsold everything till the line was ended in early 1928. Up to that point Chevrolet had been making steady sales gains on the Ford Model T.

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

In 1928 The Chevrolet became the sales leader with the AB. This was due in part to the Ford transition from the Model T to the Model A, and a Chevrolet sales program that made it easier for Americans to afford their higher priced Series AB. The first thing they did was to knock $50 off the base price. The second thing they did was to introduce an installment payment plan. More affordable pricing and the growing desire for more luxury by consumers helped propel Chevy into the lead in 1928. The lead wouldn't last long, but Ford could no longer take its market share for granted in the mass appeal car market.

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

Weighing in at an average weight of 2,200 lbs (depending on body and motor), 785,199 Chevrolet Series AB sedan were built. 1928 was also the last year for Chevy's four-cylinder motor which debuted in 1913. Sixes replaced the four-cylinders late in 28.

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

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