28 Chevy Mechanical Overhaul

1928 Chevy motor. 28 Chevy motor.

The first item on the fix-it list is the motor. It needs to come out so it can be sent out for a rebuild at H&H.

28 Chevy firewall 28 Chevy motor.

In the meantime we get to overhaul the brakes, transmission, rear-end, electrical, exhaust, etc. The goal is to make the old Chevy driveable once again.

28 Chevy rear end. 28 Chevy brakes

While the engine is out, the rest of the drive train, brake system, steering and suspension gets overhauled.

28 Chevy

28 Chevy under chassis. 28 Chevy brakes

All the cables and linkages get worked over as well. What cannot be reliably fixed get replaced.

28 Chevy motor 28 Chevy transmission

With the engine back from rebuild and installed in the car, it's time to hook everything up and see if it runs.

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

New Firestone 440/450-21 tires wrap the freshly powder-coated wheels.

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28 Chevy Mechanical Overhaul