1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

We have all heard the stories about incredible "barn finds". Those stories we hear second, third, fourth-hand about the friend of a friend who found a pristine [insert favorite make/mode/year of car here] moldering away in the back of some forgotten barn or garage and acquired it for a pittance. You might call this the modern day version of the proverbial "barn find."

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB 1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

One day in May of 2008 Mel Chamberlain was surfing the internet and decided to jump onto e-Bay to see what they had in the way of old cars. He found this little beauty--an all original 1928 Chevrolet sedan. The car had spent the previous 51 years sitting in a garage where it had been parked and covered back in 1957. The guy selling it had picked it up off an El Cahon used car lot in 1953 for $75.00!!!

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB 1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

Appraised prior to sale at $9,500.00, Mel picked it up for a mere $6,500.00!

1928 Chevrolet interior. 1928 Chevrolet interior.

The original corduroy interior is in bad shape but still intact. Amazingly, the body was nearly rust free and required no metal repair. The original paint was still doing its job 81 years later.

1928 Chevrolet - 171-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine.

After 51 years of sitting the engine was frozen. That was the starting place for this partial restoration project. Since Mel and the seller are both local San Diegans, the car was towed to our shop after the sale so we could get it running again.

171-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine AB 171-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine

According to Mel, he had a special reason for choosing our shop beyond its convenient location...

"Back in '57 I belonged to the 'Tappets of La Jolla' car club. I've always loved old cars but never had a chance to restore a real classic like this one. A couple years ago I visited your shop to take a look around. I was surprised at how courteously I was treated by everyone--lots of shops don't even want to talk to you if you just stop by to look around. Not only was everyone happy to answer all my questions, I was even given a tour of the shop! I decided then and there that if I ever had a chance to do a project like this I'd bring it to Randy at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff."

1928 Chevrolet National Series AB

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1928 Chevrolet National Series AB